God With Us [Book and CD]

God With Us

A Prayerbook for Advent & Christmas

Dan Schutte

Draw deeper into prayer throughout Advent and Christmas

Also available for download with iBooks on your Mac and iPad through iTunes.

Amid the distractions and hectic pace of preparing for Advent and Christmas, it is easy to forget that God is always present... even in that busyness. Dan Schutte's inspiring prayer book, God With Us, encourages us to pause and breathe in the love bestowed upon us throughout this season of hope.

Featuring a companion CD of Dan's music, each of the twelve prayers in God With Us contains:

  • an engaging photograph
  • an inspiring reflection
  • a prayer
  • a Scripture passage
  • lyrics for the song
  • a self-reflection
  • a keystone (a simple phrase to carry with you in your daily activities during Advent and Christmas)

ISBN 978-1-62314-869-0 [84 pp, 7.5 x 7.5, softcover]

Tracks: Beyond the Moon and Stars | God With Us | Let the Valleys Be Raised | Come, Lord Jesus | Christ, Circle 'Round Us | A Time Will Come for Singing | God My Savior | Wake From Your Sleep | A Light Has Shone | Infant Holy | God of Love | Hymn of Praise

Keywords: New, Prayer, Reflection, Advent, Christmas, Dan Schutte

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