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We are mission driven...

For more than 90 years, OCP (Oregon Catholic Press) has responded to the diverse and changing needs of churches and worshipers around the world. As the Church grows, we’ve grown and evolved, too.

Our name and look are more than skin deep—they reflect a renewal of our ongoing commitment: to provide the finest music, worship resources and service.

It speaks to both our connection with the past and our vision for the future, a future in which every church, every Christian, has what they need to pray and sing to our God.

But more than anything else, it’s about our commitment to you—your faith, your ministry, your personal spiritual journey.

OCP Staff

Career Opportunities

OCP is a diverse company with staff positions ranging from project assistants, janitors and music editors to press operators and customer service representatives. Our work environment is designed to celebrate the unique contributions each person makes. Visit our career site.

Service to you, the church, the local and global community. Transferring your call to that in-house expert who has the answer -- and a wonderful joke.

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