Gracia y Amor/Grace and Love [CD]

Gracia y Amor/Grace and Love

Eleazar Cortés, Jaime Cortez and Bob Hurd

Worship as one with bilingual songs for the liturgy

Vea en Espa±ol

Celebrate rich cultural tapestry through music
Their songs live in our hearts and on our lips... from "Gather Your People" and "Rain Down" to "Our Paschal Sacrifice/El Cordero Pascual." In this incredible collaboration, Bob Hurd, Jaime Cortez, and Eleazar Cortés deliver 12 bilingual titles that celebrate the rich cultures of our diverse Church through the power of music.

Enjoy a unique blend of styles and language
The same artists who brought you Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo/We Are the Body of Christ join with Eleazar to offer a unique blend of both language and musical styles—from folk and rock to mariachi and salsa. Each song captures the voices of all three composers, united in song, and transitions seamlessly between English and Spanish.

Support numerous ritual moments of the liturgy
Ideal for accompanying the entrance and communion processions, "We Who Hunger, Come to the Table" reminds us that in belonging to Christ, we belong to each other. "Every Single Thing We Are" is a beautiful call to offer all that we are to God during the Preparation of the Gifts. Combining Christ's commissioning of the disciples with Psalms 95 and 96, "Go Out to the World" sends us forth to serve and share the Gospel.

Lead your congregation in worship
Give your ensemble the accompaniments and vocal parts they need to lead your congregation in worship with the Gracia y Amor/Grace and Love octavo packet—featuring performance tips, suggested use and bilingual composer notes from Bob, Jaime and Eleazar!

Also available as an MP3 playlist.

Tracks: Donde Dos o Tres/Where Two or Three | Amo Tu Voluntad/I Love Your Commands | Every Single Thing We Are/Todas Nuestras Vidas | By the Power of Your Love/Por Designio de Tu Amor | Vengan, Aclamemos al Señor/Come Before the Lord | Light My Heart/Transforma Mi Vida | We Who Hunger, Come to the Table/Los Que Tienen Hambre Vienen | Que la Gracia y el Amor/May the Grace and the Love | Yo Soy el Pan Vivo/I Am the Living Bread | Te Alabamos, Señor | I Am with You Always/Yo Estaré con Ustedes | Vayan por el Mundo/Go Out to the World

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