Flor y Canto, Tercera Edición  
OCP Institute

Unique Spanish-language events and workshops featuring themes of spiritual formation, musical skill building, catechetical training and more… all through the music of Flor y Canto, tercera edición!

 Spiritual formation: Discover • Sing • Celebrate
Respected presenters lead parishioners, lay ministers and parish leaders on a journey of prayer and reflection through the music of Flor y Canto, tercera edición. Examine your role within the Church and transform your faith during this retreat experience that takes music and spiritual formation from parish and communal life to the fullest expression in the liturgy.

 Musical skill building: Sing To the Lord
Sing to the Lord a new song! Strengthen your skills as a music minister during this Day of Formation! Workshop topics include vocal techniques, guitar training, liturgy basics, increased assembly participation, percussion and more! Take the music from the pages of Flor y Canto, tercera edición to the pews working along-side experienced presenters and trusted composers who will help you to bring the elements of "Sing to the Lord" to life.

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