Reprint Permissions Did you know you need a license to reprint music for your congregation? Whether you just need a single song, have a special event or prefer the convenience of unlimited year-round permissions— has a music reprint license for you. Enjoy exclusive permissions for “Here I Am, Lord,” “On Eagle’s Wings” and thousands of other titles to inspire your congregation.

OCP Licenses
Commercial licenses, mechanical licenses, hymnal/songbook licenses, as well as reprint permissions for choral works and accompaniments no longer in print are available through OCP. For more information or to request one of these licenses, please call us at 1-800-548-8749. Need a non-commercial music reprint license? Choose from annual, weekly or single-song options at

Commercial Licenses

Permission To Mechanically Reproduce Musical Work
Permission To Reprint Musical Work
Permission to Televise/Videotape Musical Work
Permission to Broadcast Musical Work (audio recording)
Permission to Reprint Music for a Workshop
Permission to Use Music for a Performance
Permission to Reprint Musical Work onto CD-ROM
Permission to Broadcast Music via Internet

After your request is approved, a copyright license will be mailed back to you. Included in the mailing will be your license number, date of approved use and all applicable copyright notices to be used in your reprinting or recording of the requested works. All licenses must be obtained prior to reprinting.

Guide to Copyright
A copyright is an intellectual property that belongs to a copyright holder. Only the copyright holder or administrator of that copyright has the legal right to use the Work, or to allow someone else to do so.

A person wishing to use copyrighted material must secure permission from the copyright holder or the administrator of the copyright. This source can be determined by looking at the copyright information usually appearing below the work (generally a copyright symbol (©), a year, and the name of the copyright holder or administrator).

Important Copyright Specifics

  • Unless otherwise specified, the license covers the life of the original quantity printed; if you wish to reprint additional copies, you must obtain a new license
  • Licensees are asked to discard any remaining printed material covered by the license at the end of the designated time period shown on the license
  • Licenses are issued for words and melody line only unless otherwise stated
  • Music and texts may not be changed from the copyrighted material
  • The title and name(s) of the composer(s) along with the appropriate copyright notice must appear on each copy of each song -- along with the words "Used with permission"
  • A license is issued with the understanding that it be used only by the church or individual that has purchased it. Reprints are not intended for re-sale
  • Churches, schools, and non-profit organizations are not exempt from copyright law

Choral License

This license allows you to reproduce choral arrangements no longer in print. If published editions are available, choral music may not be copied. Cost: 75 cents per song per copy.

Musical Accompaniment License

This license allows you to reproduce guitar and keyboard accompaniments no longer in print. If published editions are available, guitar and keyboard accompaniments may not be copied. Cost: 75 cents per song per instrument per copy.

Hymnal, Songbook License

OCP will license a church to reprint songs for its own songbooks or hymnals. Cost: 4 cents per song per copy with a $20 minimum.

Mechanical License

This license allows you to include OCP music on a recording. Effective January 1, 2006, the statutory rate set by Congress is 9.1 cents per song, per copy, for songs under 5 minutes in playing time, and 1.75 cents per minute, per song, per copy, for songs over 5 minutes. There is a $25 minimum fee.

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