Voices From the Council [Book Softcover]

Voices From the Council

Edited by Michael R. Prendergast and M. D. Ridge

A rare and personal perspective on the Second Vatican Council, drawing from the stories of the men  and women  who were there.

They were architects of sweeping change in the Church. Of the thousands who participated in the Second Vatican Council, few are still alive. What do they think about it now, 40 years later? Voices from the Council offers a rare and personal perspective on that momentous gathering, drawing from the stories of the men -- and women -- who were there.

The book contains interviews with and reflections from more than 30 of the most prominent cardinals, bishops and theologians of our era, as well as journalists and ecumenical observers, including:

Francis Cardinal Arinze
Gregory Baum
Edmond Bliven
Primo Carlo Braga
Charles Albert Buswell
Lucien Deiss, CSSp
Frank Marcus Fernando
Joseph Gelineau, SJ
Pierre-Marie Gy, OP
James M. Hayes
Raymond G. Hunthausen
Denis Eugene Hurley, OMI
Pierre Jounel
Robert Blair Kaiser
William Cardinal Keeler
Columba Kelly, OSB
Franz Cardinal König
Irving R. Levine
Piero Marini
Dr. Martin Marty
Myles McKeon
Frederick R. McManus
Bernard Olivier, OP
William Edward Power
Brother Roger of Taizé
Remi Joseph De Roo
Edward Schillebeeckx, OP
Adrianus Cardinal Simonis
Leobard DSouza
Mary Luke Tobin, SL
Donald Trautman
Augusto Trujillo Arango
Gennaro Verolino

Scholarly in content but conversational in style, this meticulously researched book also includes:
  • Brilliant theological insights with reflections on the Council documents, the Church and the pontificates of Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II
  • Voices from six continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America and Australia
  • Charming vignettes that reveal the humor and human side of the Council, including the hilarious story of the Australian bishop who ignored the time limit on presentations and only sat down again at the boisterous urging of the entire assembly
  • Foreword by Monsignor James P. Moroney, Executive Director of the Bishops Committee on the Liturgy (BCL) Secretariat
  • Profiles and photographs for each interviewee, plus photographs from the Council sessions
  • Pope John XXIII's address opening the Second Vatican Council
"An intimate glimpse into these momentous meetings."
-- Rite

"It was my good fortune, indeed, to receive Voices from the Council. How happy I am to have this fine text. ... It is difficult to put down! Your press offers so very much to God's people. Your work of evangelization is so extremely valuable today. Thank you again and again!"
-- Most Reverend Gustavo Garcia-Siller, MSpS, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago

"Many thanks for the copy of Voices from the Council and the matching note cards. It was a wonderful idea to collect the reflections of a variety of people who were at the Council. As we are getting to the point that not many of our brother bishops who attended the Council are still alive, it is good to have this collective memory for the generations that follow."
-- Most Reverend Richard J. Malone, Bishop of Portland, Maine

"One glance at the table of contents and you're hooked. It lists a veritable 'Who's Who' of surviving Council participants, periti, theologians, observers, and members of the media ... In each chapter, the reader will be inspired by the workings of the Holy Spirit. The voices of the Council are not silent. They are prophets for our times.
-- Rita Thiron, Pastoral Music

"These testimonies of eyewitnesses ... provide a stimulating inside look at the Second Vatican Council. ... The posing of questions is always flexible, never forced, and the responses are often pleasantly free floating with few abrupt transitions. ... Careful editing makes reading smooth and engaging. ... This collection stimulates a reawakening to the actual historical context of the council. It also alerts us, at this moment in our church's history, to future prospects. ... Forty years after the close of the Second Vatican Council, the voices of those who were present must be heard again. As first-generation eye witnesses are diminishing and dying, their narratives here published will save the story, bring clarity to misconceptions, and rekindle enthusiasm for the young in the next generations who will surely catch the true 'Spirit of Vatican II' in its reading."
-- Daniel Grigassy, OFM, Worship

"Prendergast and Ridge have reached out far and wide to key survivors of this event, obviously a dying breed."
-- Paddy Kearney, , The Southern Cross (South Africa)

"The appearance of such a book as Voices from the Council is welcome in that it provides a wealth of interesting material about the Council based on the memories of some of those who were there. ... This book is worth reading for the interesting material it contains."
-- Kenneth D. Whitehead, This Rock

"Voices from the Council is one of the most interesting religion books this reviewer has read in recent years. It is highly recommended. You will find it thought provoking, entertaining, filled with hope, and a mighty fine introduction to actually reading the Council documents."
-- Kim Larsen, The Harvest (Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, MT)

"A book of interviews recalling an event from 40 years ago might be a dull read. But in this case, the event is Vatican II and the participants ... still have the energy and hope of that time. Most of those interviewed sound as if they are describing something that took place only last month. They speak with a vigor that brings the Council to life for those of us too young to remember. Clear memories along with wise reflections mark those interviews with eyewitnesses to momentous changes in the church. ... The personal stories provide some surprising perspectives. ... They are still teaching us, reminding us with a striking urgency what happened then and what must happen in the future."
-- Gale Francione, Ministry & Liturgy

"What a wonderful gift is offered by Pastoral Press in their collection Voices from the Council. ... This collection is highly recommended both for those who have no memory of the Council and wonder what it was really all about, and for those who have been working tirelessly to implement the Council's teaching and need to rekindle their passion for the important work that still needs to be done."
--Rev. Murray Kroetsch, Celebrate!

"One raises a fervent prayer that a book such as this may kick start an effective and worldwide insistence that the Christian and Catholic world is eager to embrace the forward insights and challenges of Vatican II."
-- JWG, Prairie Messenger (Diocese of Saskatoon, Canada)

"The conversational tone of the book makes for easy reading, but the topic is anything but ordinary -- there are some deep theological insights on the actions and meaning of the Council documents and the truths behind them."
-- Crux of the News
2005 Catholic Press Association (CPA) Award
First Place (tie), Best Book by a Small Publisher
Inspiried by the critically acclaimed retrospective book Voices from the Council, these elegantly designed, full-color cards feature an image of one of the four popes involved in the Second Vatican Council and a quotation from Sacrosanctum Concilium.

Card designed by Jean Germano, including original watercolor paintings of Popes Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II.

Blank inside, the cards are excellent means of conveying thanks, congratulations or other messages to the clergy, pastoral musicians and people of faith in your life. Available in packs of 20, with five copies of each of the four card designs.

Size: 5" x 7"

Keywords: Pastoral Press, Theology, Education, History

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