Waiting for Love [Directors Edition]

Waiting for Love

An Advent/Christmas Cantata

Gerard Chiusano and Mary Hochman

Helps both children and adults celebrate the birth of Jesus -- and await his return -- with new understanding, appreciation and joy.

Brings the story of redemption to life in poetry and song
Gerard Chiusano and Mary Hochman combined their considerable gifts to create Waiting for Love, a delightful Advent/Christmas cantata for children and youth. Through poetry and song, it brings the story of redemption to life, from the creation through the Incarnation.

12 fun-to-sing songs for parish and school settings
Designed for performance in parish and school settings, the program features 12 fun-to-sing songs: eight for Advent and four for Christmas. A poetic narrative introduces each song and puts it into context, proclaiming the story of the greatest love ever known. The style of the narration, in rhyming couplets, makes it very performable for children.

Music for liturgies throughout Advent and Christmas
Though woven into one cohesive work, the songs can also stand independently. Many are well suited for Advent lessons and carols services and Sunday liturgies throughout Advent and Christmas.

Accompaniment options from a single piano to a large ensemble
Groups may perform the cantata using the accompaniment CD or with a variety of instrumental combinations, from a single piano to a large ensemble with rhythm section. No staging or costumes are required, but some groups may wish to create tableaux, especially for songs with Nativity themes. Children could dress as Mary, Joseph and shepherds for "Something Wonderful" and as Magi or angels in "Tell Us, Shepherds."

May be performed by inter-generational groups
The program is primarily for elementary-age children and youth, but inter-generational groups will also find it rewarding, and may perform it on a parish level with sung assembly participation.

Musical tips and catechetical lessons for each song
Each song includes an introductory page with musical tips and a brief catechetical lesson. Written by Ronald L. Pihokker, director of the Catechetical Office of the Archdiocese of Newark, the lessons encourage children to take the readings and songs to heart by living out the Gospel truths they contain.

Questions for reflection, catechetical notes, activities
Each song's catechetical page includes the following elements: background (summary of themes); musical approach (suggestions, technical aspects, teaching the song); Scripture references; questions for reflection; notes for catechists and parents; and suggestions for related activities.

Two-CD set: one with music and vocals, one with instrumental versions
The CD illustrates adults, youth and children singing together, with adults and youth taking solo parts and children singing the easier solos and chorus parts. Disc one of the two-CD set features music and vocals. Disc two features instrumental versions of all songs.

Printable program for audience/assembly use
The Director's Edition contains a printable program/worship aid for audience/assembly use. It's designed for maximum convenience: simply copy as a two-sided document, fold and assemble. It includes blank spaces for names of performers and other custom information.

Texts by one of the Church's most promising new writers
A top-rated pre-kindergarten teacher based in New Jersey, Mary Hochman is one of the Church's most promising new song text writers. Her previous collaborations with Jerry Chiusano are featured in Spirit & Song, Never Too Young and Breaking Bread.

Waiting for Love helps both children and adults celebrate the birth of Jesus -- and await his return -- with new understanding, appreciation and joy.

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