Brille Tu Luz [CD]

Brille Tu Luz

Estela García-López and Rodolfo López

Stimulate your mind and soul with Scripture-based songs—seasoned with a blend of contemporary and Latin styles!

Vea en Español

Find strength for your daily journey
Inspired by sounds, memories and traditions since childhood, Estela and Rodolfo's debut album exudes their passion for evangelizing and challenging Hispanic communities to make a difference. Draw your parishioners deeper into the liturgy or find strength for your daily journey through Scripture-based songs—seasoned with a blend of contemporary and Latin styles.

Stimulate your mind and soul
Treat your senses to arrangements varying from delicate acoustic guitar and strings to edgy electric guitar and booming rock drums. "Our goal was to make each song unique and packed with emotion to touch the mind and soul," said Estela and Rodolfo. "If people find comfort and joy in our music, then we feel that we've done God's work."

Hear first-time recordings of beloved songs
Popular in wedding ceremonies across the U.S., "Te Seguiré" and "Juntos para Toda la Vida" have finally found a home as recordings! "Vamos, Vamos" features the Spanish children's choir at Estela and Rodolfo's very own Ascension Parish in Portland, Oregon. "Cristo, Sáname" has helped unite numerous multicultural assemblies, appearing bilingually in Sal de la Tierra and trilingually in Chon Ngài. Now, hear this beloved song completely in Spanish for the very first time!

Bring light to those in darkness
Closing the album, the title track paints a stunning vision of dark versus light. "The lack of God's presence in our lives, and in the world at large, is the darkness," said Estela and Rodolfo. "We, as God's people, must work to eliminate it by bringing the light of God to those surrounded by this darkness."

Fight for God's truth
Groups of all ages and ethnicities—Hispanic and non-Hispanic—will find a connection to this moving collection. Dedicated to all the faithful that believe in Christ and fight for God's truth, Brille Tu Luz empowers us to take up the mission that God has planned for each of us and share it with the people who need it the most.

Also available as an MP3 playlist.

Tracks: Alabaré al Señor | Cantaré | Él Es Santo | Juntos para Toda la Vida | Vamos, Vamos | El Que Coma de Este Pan | Te Seguiré | Salmo 65: Aclamen al Señor | Te Devuelvo el Alma | Cristo, Sáname | Guíame, Señor | Brille Tu Luz

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Keywords: Contemporary, Evangelization, Funerals, Reflection, Spanish, Weddings, Youth

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