To Praise You [CD]

To Praise You

From: To Praise You, 30107367

Dan Schutte

Delve straight to the heart of prayer with 12 songs for the liturgy

"For me, as a composer, music flows out of life. Each song and hymn speaks a sincere prayer from the depths of the human heart as we journey in faith."
Dan Schutte

Deepen communal worship and personal prayer
From folk ballads to traditional hymnody and chant-inspired songs, To Praise You provides a wealth of liturgical music to deepen communal worship and promote personal prayer. Parish ensembles of all sizes will enjoy accessible SAB choral arrangements and versatile instrumentation for piano, guitar, as well as a variety of solo instruments—including flute, oboe, clarinet, brass, violin, cello and handbells. Bring this collection to life with the choral songbook!

Enrich various moments in the liturgy
"Saints of God" and "Let Me Go Now In Peace" (based on Simeon's song) are joyous and hope-filled additions for the funeral liturgy. One of many songs for praise and gathering, "Hymns of Praise"—inspired by the Te Deum hymn and based on the Gregorian Regina Coeli chant—combines timeless texts with a melody that delves straight to the heart of prayer.

Draw closer to God's presence
Looking for music to engage your choir and assembly? Do you want to draw closer to God's presence in your daily life? Grounded in Scripture and crafted with care, these 12 songs reflect the grace and sincerity of one of the Church's most revered composers.

Also available as an MP3 playlist

Tracks: O God, Be the Music | So the Lord Is to Me | Simon, Son of John | Wedding Feast of the Lamb | Come To Me All Who Are Weary | Let Me Go Now in Peace | Litany of the Holy Spirit | Saints of God | Gathered 'Round This Table | From the Depths | To Praise You | Hymn of Praise (Te Deum)

Keywords: New, Prayer, Reflection, Hymnody, Dan Schutte

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