Age to Age (Generations of Faith) [CD]

Age to Age

Generations of Faith

Steve Angrisano, Dan Schutte and Curtis Stephan

Experience three powerful voices, one powerful faith

"In every age, the Church has called upon creative artists to give new voice to praise and prayer. Throughout history, God has continued to breathe forth his creative Spirit, making noble the work of musicians' hearts and hands. The forms of expression have been many and varied."
—Sing to the Lord, paragraph #8
©2007, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Foster spiritual renewal
Inspired by each other's music and their common approach to ministry, these three generations of Catholic songwriters embarked on the Age to Age: Generations of Faith concert tour, to join whole communities in spiritual renewal. Bring the experience of these events into your daily life with this unique and varied collection of anthems.

Join in a sung tapestry of prayer
From beloved titles you know by heart—including covers from each composer—to fresh arrangements of future classics such as "Many and One," "Ready the Way" and "These Alone Are Enough"—uniting all three artists in song—Age to Age highlights the enduring themes of faith, hope and love through a sung tapestry of prayer.

Experience three powerful voices, one powerful faith
Leaving behind their categories of youth, liturgical and contemporary, Steve Angrisano, Dan Schutte and Curtis Stephan come together to share their music with one another and with the Church... three powerful voices, one powerful faith.

Also available as an MP3 playlist.

Tracks: Many and One | Take Up Our Cross | Ready the Way | A Time Will Come for Singing | Falling Into You | Give Us Faith, Lord | Plow Your Row | These Alone Are Enough | Mighty King | O God, Be the Music | Benediction | We Live to Love

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Keywords: New, Prayer, Reflection, Hymnody, Steve Angrisano, Dan Schutte, Curtis Stephan

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