Solas is a group of composers and musicians from Ireland.


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Solas is a group of composers and musicians from Ireland. Those listed below are featured on the recording Solas An Chroí .

Pat Conway
An accomplished saxophonist, Pat has brought many of the best jazz musicians in the world to Northern Ireland.

Brian Foley
Brian is the founder and musical director of Solas; he also plays the bodhran, a traditional Irish instrument.

Sheelagh Hughes
Sheelagh is one of the original Solas members; she is also one of their leading composers.

Michael Johnston
Michael has been involved in the folk music scene for over twenty-five years, and was involved in the very first Solas rehearsals and assessment process many years ago. He is a composer and guitarist.

Charles Livingstone
Charles is a talented composer, guitarist, and bass player.

Pól MacAdam
A multitalented instrumentalist and singer, Pól has toured extensively around the world. His wonderful whistle playing has been featured on numerous recordings.

Paul MacAree
A talented guitarist and percussionist, Paul has been the studio engineer for all of the Solas recordings. He runs Maritime Recording Studios and also has a solo performance career.

Edel McClean
Edel is a more recent composer for Solas. She is from Magherafelt, in County Derry, which extends that diocese's record of having at least one work featured on every Solas recording.

Stephen McCusker
Stephen comes from a talented musical family and has been involved with Solas for five years.

Maebh McKeon
One of Ireland's top fiddlers, he is also excellent harpist. Maebh has played for almost every head of state in Europe and the United States over the past ten years.

Ciaran McLoughlin
Ciaran is a very talented and prolific composer. Solas has recorded five of his compositions and one of his Mass settings.

John Robinson
An accomplished pianist, John is the youngest of the published Solas composers.