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Breaking Bread 2021 eMissal app

Breaking Bread 2021 eMissal app


Breaking Bread 2021 eMissal app

A digital worship aid for use at home and in church


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Breaking Bread 2021 eMissal app iconBreaking Bread 2021 eMissal app offers a brand-new way to participate in the liturgy. With instant access to music, readings and the Order of Mass, parishioners can remain connected to their faith community through song and prayer. Users can add psalms and acclamations to individual celebrations, allowing them to prepare for Mass ahead of time.

Simple and easy to use, Breaking Bread 2021 eMissal is perfect for individuals unable to attend Mass in person and currently participating in livestreamed services. And for those able to attend in person but avoiding the use of physical resources, the app has also been approved for use in church by the USCCB during the 2021 liturgical year.

What’s included:

  • Over 850 songs, psalms and Gospel Acclamations
  • Readings for Sundays and holy days
  • Order of Mass

Just $4.99!

Breaking Bread 2021 eMissal App is available for all iOS and Android users on their smartphones and tablets.

*The Breaking Bread 2021 eMissal app is only intended for use during the 2021 liturgical year. A new app will be released for each of the following years.

Learn more about the app on our FAQ page.

“I really appreciated the simplicity, and the music is easy to read on my tablet.”

–Jordan W. of St. Anthony Catholic Church



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Breaking Bread 2021 eMissal

Parishioner Personal Missal Program 2021

For those who prefer physical resources, check out our Parishioner Personal Missal Program. Designed to help parishes provide missals to the lay faithful, it’s a great way to maintain community engagement through liturgical participation, whether worshiping at home or in person.