26 Ordinary Ways to Live the Liturgy

By Glenn CJ Byer

26 Ordinary Ways to Live the Liturgy
Twenty-six short chapters by Dr. Glenn Byer inviting us to engage more in the celebration of the Eucharist and reflect on the way liturgy can shape our lives.
26 Ordinary Ways to Live the Liturgy [Book Softcover]




Written in an easy-going style with solid theology, 26 Ordinary Ways to Live the Liturgy encourages us to exercise specific skills and through them, find a deeper commitment with liturgy. By practicing the skills and experiences recommended by Dr. Byer, we can engage more actively in the liturgy, and observe how our personal experience of liturgy evolves.

Discover how simple practices like keeping silence, helping others, praying, singing or even walking can shape our church practice and eventually, our lives. Coupled with personal stories, reflections, history and biblical references, every chapter is as interesting as effortless to read.

With chapters focusing on new approaches to pass on the faith to younger generations, this book will be a great addition to a Bible study, faith groups or for personal enrichment.