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Music for livestreamed Masses

Music for livestreamed Masses


COVID-19 response regarding OCP copyrights

For nearly 100 years, OCP's mission has been to support the Church and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all. And as a not-for-profit music publisher, our organization and its composers rely on music licensing to continue this mission.


Earlier this year, to help parishes facing financial difficulties brought on by COVID -19, we offered free reprinting and livestreaming use of OCP-owned, administered or published copyrights until the end of the 2020 Liturgical Year to missal and hymnal customers of 50+ books. Unfortunately, in order to continue serving the Church and our composers, we will no longer be able to offer this free licensing. Starting November 29, parishes performing or displaying OCP-published music via livestream, or reprinting OCP-published music will need a license to do so. To learn more about licensing options and to purchase music licenses, please visit

However, our missals and hymnals also contain an abundance of public domain copyrights. These songs are free to livestream, reprint and share with your parishioners. A complete list of these songs, organized according worship resource, can be found below.


Not currently using an OCP missal or hymnal? Let's find the right resource for your community.

OCP Missals and Hymnals


Licensing music for livestreams

If you're currently streaming or planning on streaming Masses, learn how to acquire specific licenses for music to be used in your celebrations.