Chọn Ngài, Volume 2

Offering nearly 50 contemporary songs for praise, prayer and worship, Chọn Ngài is a welcome new resource for Vietnamese and multicultural communities everywhere!
Chọn Ngài, Volume 2 [MP3 Album]
Created to support the worldwide Vietnamese Catholic community
The Vietnamese Catholic community is strong and alive, in the U.S., Vietnam, and around the world. Much of its vigor is due to young people. In the U.S., theyre packing churches and forming youth groups. Seminaries in Vietnam are bursting at the seams. Unfortunately, music and other resources for youth and young adult ministries have been lacking. Until now!

A groundbreaking collection
Introducing Chon Ngai (Choose Christ)! This groundbreaking collection provides 48 contemporary songs for any youth/young adult gathering, including liturgies, prayer services and retreats.

For use in liturgies, sacraments, devotions, prayer and more
Available in an assembly booklet, a guitar/vocal songbook and three CDs (volumes 1, 2 and 3), it contains numerous selections for bilingual (Vietnamese-English) first Communion, confirmation, and ordinations. It also contains praise and worship music for youth rallies and camp retreats and a nice selection of Marian and eucharistic songs, reflecting the strong devotion that Vietnamese have to Mary, the Mother of God.

12 songs in Vietnamese, 12 songs in English
Twelve of the songs are entirely in Vietnamese, recorded in Hanoi by popular Vietnamese pop artists. Twelve are entirely in English, drawn from Choose Christ, OCPs popular contemporary music supplement.

24 bilingual, Vietnamese-English songs
Twenty-four songs are bilingual, including 12 popular English songs translated into Vietnamese and 12 beloved Vietnamese songs translated into English. Four trilingual songs feature additional verses in Spanish.

Vocals by Matt Maher, Tom Booth and well-known Vietnamese singers
Some English songs that were re-recorded to add Vietnamese lyrics feature English vocals by artists Tom Booth, Matt Maher and Jenny Pixler. Vietnamese songs feature well-known artists Hoang Hiep, Phan Dinh Tung, Minh Quang, and Luu Huong Giang.

Bilingual versions of favorite worship songs
Highlights include Vietnamese versions of such favorites as Open My Eyes, Fly Like a Bird, Here I Am and Only This I Want. Chon Ngai also features the first English version of the popular song Cau Cho Cha Me, a staple in the Vietnamese repertoire. Contemporary Catholic composers in Vietnam contributed several songs that are available in the U.S. for the first time.

A unique collaboration
Chon Ngai is the result of a unique collaboration involving some of the most talented songwriters and musicians in Vietnam and Orange County, California, and music editors at OCP. Orange County is home to the largest population of Vietnamese outside Vietnam.

Supports for Vietnamese and multicultural communities everywhere!
Chon Ngai builds on the musical foundation laid by Chung Loi Tan Tung, the popular bilingual songbook and CD, and Longing Heart, the instrumental recording of Vietnamese melodies. Offering nearly 50 contemporary songs for praise, prayer and worship, Chon Ngai is a welcome new resource for Vietnamese and multicultural communities everywhere!