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Contains simple melodies for the assembly as well as challenging harmonies for the choir.
Come, Bless the Lord [CD]

Come, Bless the Lord is a lively praise and worship recording that will lift the spirits and voices of Christian people regardless of age, culture, race or denomination and it is a powerful evangelistic expression of high praise to God seasoned with a strong ecumenical flavor. Come, Bless the Lord has an air of joyous unity delivered by the multicultural interfaith choir from Union Theological Seminary in New York City, were it was recorded live under Leon's direction.

The song texts have a strong scriptural base, presenting themes that are full of imagery and symbolism centered on giving glory to God. Some of the selections were drawn from the wellspring of Roman Catholic liturgy, while others are Leon's original texts. Come, Bless the Lord also contains simple melodies for the assembly as well as challenging harmonies for the choir.

Leon passed away in January 1999, just days after being diagnosed with stomach cancer, he was 48. Leon did not know that this collection would be his final gifts to the world of Christian music; it is nevertheless a fitting and spiritual tribute to his legacy.