Return to Me

Music for Funerals and Healing

A collection of music for funeral liturgies and healing from a group of very gifted composers
Return to Me [CD]
Music for Funerals and Healing




This first complete volume of funeral and healing music offers:

  • Comforting music that reflects the beautiful texts of the funeral liturgy and assists in the bereavement process
  • Both newly written and well-known songs by Christopher Walker, Michael Joncas, Bob Hurd, Bernadette Farrell and many more
  • Songs suitable for soloists

Tracks: Because the Lord Is My Shepherd | On Eagle's Wings | I Know That My Redeemer Lives | May Choirs of Angels Welcome You | Unless a Grain of Wheat | I Will Not Die | Yes, I Shall Arise | Song of Farewell | Parable | O God, for You I Long | We Are the Earth | Return to Me