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A compilation of ten classic songs -- newly arranged and recorded -- drawn from Tom Kendzia's early collections.
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Make Us One [CD]




10 classic songs, restyled and re-energized
Make Us One is a compilation of ten classic songs -- newly arranged and recorded -- drawn from Tom Kendzia's early collections. Supercharged with layers of new instrumentation and driving rhythms, these favorite songs have been completely reshaped, restyled and re-energized for today's musical scene.

Features guest artists Kathy Troccoli and ValLimar Jansen
In addition to stunning new arrangements, the collection features powerful vocal performances from spiritandsong.comĀ® artist ValLimar Jansen, with her rich, gospel-rooted voice, and platinum-selling Kathy Troccoli, who turns her sweet voice up a notch in this cameo performance.

Co-produced by Carl Herrgesell
Carl Herrgesell, whose day-job is sideman for the likes of Elton John and Kenny Loggins, joins Kathy on a duet and adds his soulful, raspy vocals and bluesy keyboard solos throughout the recording. Carl also co-produced the collection with a few top-notch industry friends.

Prayerful songs inspired by the Psalms
Inspired by Scripture, Tom's songs are prayerful, echoing the longing, praise and thanks expressed in the Psalms. The title track rocks, calling Christians everywhere to the unity that Jesus prayed for. With lead vocals shared by Kathy and Carl, this lively song pleads with God for grace and strength to become "one, Lord, in your love." Backed by Hammond organ and bluesy guitar, ValLimar belts out "Into Our Hearts," inviting God to reveal himself to us.

Other highlights include "Send Us Your Spirit," with its meditative, acoustic sound, and the plaintive "As a Doe," with its tender cello and piano accompaniment.

Songs from his best-selling Light of the World
Make Us One also includes the ever popular "I, the Lord" as well as every song from Tom's best-selling Light of the World, one of the first contemporary-style Catholic albums ever published. Originally written for the liturgy -- and still perfectly suited for use in worship -- these songs now have new life as contemporary, inspirational listening tracks. Very inspirational, we might add, and very good listening.