God Among Us
Created for a variety of liturgical uses, God Among Us features provocative Scripture-based texts and gorgeous, singable melodies.

Provocative texts and gorgeous, singable melodies
Created for a variety of liturgical uses, God Among Us features provocative Scripture-based texts and gorgeous, singable melodies. Arranged with parts for piano and organ, flute, oboe, strings and choir, the 12 songs include Communion processionals, entrance hymns, pieces for Lent, Ordinary Time, funerals, Pentecost and other occasions. The recording features Father Foley's distinctive bass voice, familiar to many from his days with the St. Louis Jesuits.

Songs that invite intimacy with God
Composed with a striking piano line, "At Home in the Lord" gently but insistently draws us toward God with this repeated invitation, "Home, come home." Foley's text for "Before the Ages" speaks elegantly of the relationship and intimacy we long for with God: "And so we yearn for you, seeking you like sunrise, and always do you find us, Lord, and speak your Word."

Beautiful new psalm settings
Always a champion of the Psalms, Foley wrote three new settings for this collection. He chose psalm texts from the Lectionary with the goal of doing in English what Gelineau did in French: settings of prose texts with regular metric stresses. A serious challenge, to be sure, but as the settings here make clear, he transcended the difficulties.

Settings of Psalms 40, 130, 131
His meditation on Psalm 131, "Like a Child," uses a two- and three-part arrangement to convey peaceful trust in God. His setting of Psalm 40, "I Have Waited," expresses a sincere willingness to serve God and do his will. Marked by a slow-building call and response between male and female voices, "With the Lord" (Ps 130) is especially appropriate for Lent.

Majestic entrance hymn with parts for brass
Based on a text by Jesuit Father James Quinn, the title song speaks of the paradox that God is both "around us always" and "yet afar," "today" and "yet to come." A similar theme is echoed in "The Lord Is Here." A majestic entrance hymn for choir, assembly, organ and brass, it reminds us that Christ is present "where two are three are gathered in his name."

Songs for Trinity Sunday and Pentecost
Three songs feature texts by renowned hymn writers Timothy Dudley-Smith and Benedictine Sister Genevieve Glen. "O Silence," Foley''s marvelous setting of a Glen poem, reflects on the awesome mystery of the Trinity. Arranged for oboe, piano, and choir, and an excellent addition to the repertoire for Trinity Sunday, it ends by pleading with God to "accept, accept our stammered praise." Suitable for use on Pentecost, "Spirit of God" features Foley's translation of "Veni Creator Spiritus."

Music inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
"When Our Eyes Open, Lord," commissioned by the St. Louis Spirituality Center, is Foley's poetic and musical setting of the final meditation in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. His song for the Communion procession, "Blessing Cup," uses the same gentle, walking tempo as his well-known "One Bread, One Body."

Music for the entire Church year
Spanning the entire Church year -- and a variety of liturgical moments -- God Among Us is a triumph. Reflecting the popular style that has made him one of today's best-known composers, it's a wonderful addition to the repertoire for liturgy and worship.