Celebrate the mystery of the Incarnation with Sarah Hart's first Christmas album!
This Winter's Eve-Distributed [CD]




Capture the spirit of the season
Whether you're looking to enrich worship during Christmas or for something to listen to while wrapping presents with the family, This Winter's Eve offers 12 songs that beautifully capture the spirit of the season.

Enjoy a special appearance by Amy Grant
Featuring roots of Appalachian music, acoustic guitars and mandolin—this intimate record conveys a sense of peace. Friends Justin Loucks and Ian Fitchuk have done a masterful job producing an album that Sarah calls "the most artful I've ever been a part of doing." Providing a memorable moment, Amy Grant joins Sarah on "What Love Has Done," fresh off of their collaboration on the Grammy-nominated "Better Than a Hallelujah."

Return to the love of God
While setting music to "Prayer for This House"—a poem by the late Louis Untermeyer—Sarah remembers feeling the poet's presence so strongly, it was as if they were writing the song together. Written for her husband, "Bethlehem" paints a picture of families gathering at Christmas to return to the love of God. "Epiphany" reminds us that although a season may be ending, we should carry the Incarnation with us throughout the year.

Warm your heart with Sarah's first Christmas album
Sarah loves Christmas. Now, after years of waiting for the right songs, she finally fulfills her wish of doing her first Christmas CD. Close your eyes while listening to the album and you can almost imagine yourself in a mountain cabin, curled up with a warm blanket as snow falls outside the window.

Tracks: Prayer for This House | On a Night Like This | This Winter's Eve | The Light of Christmas Morn | God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen | Let It Be So | What Love Has Done | All is Well | Peace Be | Bethlehem | Snow Angels | Epiphany (I Will Not Forget)