Love Remains: Songs of Consolation

Curtis Stephan

Find comfort, peace and hope in the midst of grief and suffering with music to heal your heart.
Love Remains: Songs of Consolation [CD]




Let your heart be comforted
Born from Curtis' desire to minister to the grieving and brokenhearted, as well as his own experience of grief and suffering, Love Remains is a soulful collection that offers hope and healing. Providing a pathway through the pain, these 10 songs comfort us during our darkest hours, whispering to our hearts that we are never alone.

Find consolation for a universal human experience
Grief is a common human experience—whether it's the death of a loved one, the pain of divorce or the loss of something dear—and we are all looking for an answer to our pain. The gentle warmth and soothing message of Love Remains offers consolation to the individual person as well as for entire communities and small support groups.

Lift your spirit with soaring melodies
Although we may have become stuck in our grief, Curtis' soaring melodies and soulful lyrics offer us a way out, helping us to move forward into the relief of comfort and peace. "Benediction," featuring skillful piano playing, offers a remarkable range of emotions and fullness of sound that speaks to the breadth of human expression. From the moving melody of "Daylight" to the inspirational message of "Face the East," Love Remains: Songs of Consolation truly is music to heal the heart.

Tracks: Daylight | Face the East | The Lord Is My Shepherd | Legacy | |Let the Children Come | Love Will Stay | Soldier | I Will Rise | Pastures of the Lord | Benediction