We Praise You, God

We Praise You, God

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We praise you, God, we name you Lord.

Eternal Father, earth adores,

And heaven’s choirs for ever praise,

Holy, holy, is our God;

Most holy is the Lord of all.


Your majesty fills earth and sky.

Apostles, prophets, martyrs join

With all creation praising you.

North and south and east and west:

The Church proclaims her faith in you.


Your glory, Father, has no end,

Your true and only Son is love,

The Holy Spirit pleads for us.

Christ, you are our glorious king,

The Father’s own eternal Son.


Becoming man to save mankind,

You did not scorn a virgin’s womb.

Destroying death triumphantly,

Christ, you opened heaven’s gates

To all believers in your word.


You are enthroned at God’s right hand,

And we believe you come to judge.

You shed your precious blood for us.

Grant your servants grace and aid;

Admit us all among your saints.

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Topical: Praise
Day: Solemnities and Feasts All Saints (November 1)