Year A: Back to School
Family Centered Religious Development (Part I)
Ideas for Celebrating Saints and Feasts of the Fall Season
Internet Resources for Ministers Who Work and Pray with Children (Part I)
Celebrating the Pauline Year: Paul’s Conversion (Part I)
A Review of Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship
Year A: Advent / Christmas / Epiphany
Children of Joy!
A Child's Advent: A Time for Storytelling and Quiet Prayer
Gospel Talk with Children: The Stories of Advent and Christmas
Advent Opens Children to the Wonders of the Faith
Ideas for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany
Year A: Lent / Easter / Ordinary Time
The Gospels of Summer
The Way of the Cross: Personal Encounters with the Body of Christ in the World
Liturgy Forms and Catechizes Our Children
Preparing Children for Easter
Easter People!
Gospel Talk with Children: We Celebrate God Who Saves
Year B: Back to School
The Liturgy of the World: Extraordinary Time
Coming Closer to Eucharist: Mystagogy on the Text of the Eucharistic Prayer
Developing Spirituality Among Children, Part 1: Eucharist
Miracles in the Fall Gospels
Maintaining the Course with Volunteers
Children Talking with God
Leading Children to Sunday with Angels, Saints and Kings
A Liturgical Classroom Promotes Christian Values
Teaching Children To Love All God's Creatures
Gospel Talk With Children: Mark's Portrait of Jesus
Year B: Advent / Christmas / Epiphany
Family-Centered Sacramental Preparation (Part II)
Internet Resources for Ministers Who Work and Pray with Children (Part II)
Celebrating the Pauline Year: Paul, the Missionary (Part II)
Ideas for Celebrating Saints in the Season of Advent
Review: Two New Books on Theology and Childhood
Year B: Lent / Easter / Ordinary Time
Saints and Feasts of the Spring Season
Internet Resources for Ministers who Work and Pray with Children (Part 3 of 3)
Children and the Triduum
Celebrating the Pauline Year: Paul tells us who we are as Christians
The Summer Gospels
Children and the Easter Symbols of Fire, Wind and Water
Gospel Action Figures
Keep It Simple . . . The Way Jesus Did
Whose Experience Is It Anyway?
Helping Children Connect Lent to Easter
Year C: Advent / Christmas / Epiphany
The Liturgy of the World — God Among Us
Coming Closer to Eucharist: Mystagogy on Eucharistic Presence
Developing Spirituality Among Children, Part 2
Preparations in the Advent Gospels
Teaching Children Catholic Social Thought
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Preparing Children for the Sundays of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany
Winter Wisdom and Christian Character
Receiving the Prophetic, Priestly and Royal Gift of Children
Gospel Talk With Children: That We Might Become Divine
Year C: Back to School
Saints Online
Ordinary Time for Extraordinary Children
The Evangelist and his Gospel: Luke in the Fall of 2010
Serving God as a Priest
Children and the Changes in the Roman Missal
One "Amen" Is Not Enough! Liturgy and the Mentally Disabled
The Family Table: A Primary Source of Christian Formation
Who Are You? The Role of the Catechist
Ideas for Praying with Children in the Liturgies of Fall
Gospel Talk with Children: Let Us Go Rejoicing
Year C: Lent / Easter / Ordinary Time
The Liturgy of the World
Coming Closer to Eucharist:
Developing Spirituality Among Children (Part 3)
Fire and Ashes Help Celebrate the Paschal Mystery
Talking to Children about the Paschal Mystery
The Sign of the Cross
In the years since the Second Vatican Council
Leading Children to the Sundays of Lent, Easter and Pentecost
WWJWMTD? A Personal Easter Cycle Question
“Filling in the Blanks:” Liturgy, Story and Catechesis

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