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Bilingual Mass & Intercultural Liturgy


Is your Catholic community planning to incorporate an intercultural liturgy? Intercultural celebrations are not merely bilingual Masses or multilingual Masses. They are also multicultural, and involve sharing the preparation of the liturgy by the various cultural groups of the parish. Successful authentic intercultural liturgy usually requires long-term commitment of pastoral leadership to prioritize a parish’s intercultural identity. Music ministers can help set the stage for this transformation if the music they introduce is a well-known song in a language other than the base language, multi-lingual or bilingual. Kids, elders and everyone in between can appreciate the sense of unity that comes from worshiping in a mixture of languages as might happen when they attend an intercultural Mass. Intercultural liturgy offers an opportunity to worship with, learn languages of and learn about the cultures of all in our parish community.

English & Spanish Bilingual Song Resources

Unite your Spanish and English speaking worshippers in song. Many Catholic churches seek English-Spanish resources that not only include English versions of Spanish language songs, and Spanish translations of English songs, but also music that is written with the intercultural liturgy in mind.

Unidos en Cristo / United in Christ cover

Unidos en Cristo United in Christ

Un Hermoso Intercambio Cultural/A Beautiful Cultural Exchange cover

Un Hermoso Intercambio Cultural

Nuestra Alegría/Our Joy

Nuestra Alegría/Our Joy

Las Posadas cover

Las Posadas

Quiero Responder cover

Quiero Responder Que Sí


English & Vietnamese Bilingual Song Resources

Serve the Vietnamese community in your parish with music that maintains their culture and language, but also invites language learners and native English speakers to sing in unison. OCP’s English & Vietnamese resources include music for special celebrations, but also regular liturgies and sacraments. Many popular English-language songs have been translated into Vietnamese, and some well-known Vietnamese songs have been translated into English to create an English version of the song. Find bilingual songs for kids. Singing songs with children in a native or foreign language is an excellent way to build intercultural bridges as well as an excellent tool for language learning.

Thánh Ca Dân Chúa cover

Thánh Ca Dân Chúa

Đồng Tâm cover

Đồng Tâm

Những bài hát từ cộng ðoàn Taizé cover

Những bài hát từ cộng ðoàn Taizé

Chung Lời Tán Tụng cover

Chung Lời Tán Tụng / United in Faith & Song

Sing to the Lord

Sing to the Lord

Chọn Ngài cover

Chọn Ngài


English & Filipino Bilingual Resources

Introduce more multilingual liturgical music that offers Filipino Catholics an opportunity to celebrate their faith and culture. Filipinos have a rich tradition of liturgical music, and these beautiful traditions have been incorporated into resources for the bilingual liturgy that supports English and Filipino-speakers to celebrate as one during the holy Mass.

Gentle Strength cover

Gentle Strength

In the Sight of the Angels cover

In the Sight of the Angels

This Holy Light cover

This Holy Light

Misa del Mundo cover

Misa del Mundo

A Treasured Presence

A Treasured Presence