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Chris Padgett

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Impact [CD]
Impact [CD]

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A brilliant songwriter, musician, speaker and worship leader, Chris Padgett travels around the world giving talks, missions and concerts.

A founding member of the popular Christian band Scarecrow and Tinmen, Chris wrote, recorded and toured with the band for seven years. He also has four solo albums to his credit: Follow, Golden, Wonder (Joyful Desperation), and The Encounter.

One of the most effective champions of family life in the church today, Chris can speak from experience. He’s been married to his high school sweetheart for over 15 years and has eight children. As he likes to say, the Padgett family is taking the call to “make disciples” very seriously!

Chris and his wife, Linda, recently published their first book, Not Ready for Marriage, Not Ready for Sex: One Couple’s Return to Chastity. Recounting their journey from courtship to marriage, the book speaks to young people about maintaining chastity in the midst of a culture that encourages otherwise.

Known for his zany sense of humor and his love of books, Chris is a “very zealous” convert to Catholicism. He and his family entered the church on Easter of 1999. He holds a master’s in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, and has begun doctoral work in Marian studies at the International Marian Research Institute in Dayton, Ohio.

Chris is a veteran of three World Youth Days (Rome, Toronto, and Cologne; planning on Australia) and has ministered at many diocesan youth events. His television appearances include Life on the Rock with Jeff Cavins and Living His Life Abundantly with Johnette Benkavick, both on EWTN. He has spoken on numerous radio shows and appeared at several Steubenville youth conferences.

Upcoming projects include a best-of compilation of live performances, an iTunes project with some of the funniest stories and messages from his talks, and a DVD.

Impact [CD]

Impact gets Chris' newest and best concert material onto CD, showcasing the impact he's had on audiences around the world.

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12139 Golden
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20374 Impact $14.99 Add to Cart
12048 Live It! $25.00 Add to Cart
Guitar / Vocal Lead Sheet - Downloadable
90024 Breaking of the Bread $1.75 Add to Cart
Guitar Accompaniment - Downloadable
87020 Golden $1.75 Add to Cart
87929 You Are My Son $1.75 Add to Cart
101402 Be My Everything $1.29 Add to Cart
100675 Big Mouth $1.29 Add to Cart
100680 Bionic Son $1.29 Add to Cart
100681 Come And See $1.29 Add to Cart
100682 Dreamy Light $1.29 Add to Cart
100683 God Is Good $1.29 Add to Cart
100284 Golden $1.29 Add to Cart
100462 Golden $1.29 Add to Cart
100684 Gospel Love $1.29 Add to Cart
100466 Holy $1.29 Add to Cart
101405 I Am Yours $1.29 Add to Cart
100467 I Worship You $1.29 Add to Cart
101406 I'm In Love $1.29 Add to Cart
100468 Inside $1.29 Add to Cart
101407 Inside $1.29 Add to Cart
100469 Instrument $1.29 Add to Cart
101409 Lift Your Name $1.29 Add to Cart
101410 Madeline $1.29 Add to Cart
100471 Mary's Son $1.29 Add to Cart
101411 My Lord And My God $1.29 Add to Cart
100685 Overcome $1.29 Add to Cart
100472 Poet's Worship $1.29 Add to Cart
100686 Scarecrow & Tinmen $1.29 Add to Cart
100473 Shake Your Head $1.29 Add to Cart
100687 Superhero $1.29 Add to Cart
100463 Surrender $1.29 Add to Cart
100676 This Much $1.29 Add to Cart
100464 Tonight $1.29 Add to Cart
100677 Wandering Lamb $1.29 Add to Cart
100678 What U Got $1.29 Add to Cart
101404 Wonderful Counselor $1.29 Add to Cart
100679 You Are My Son $1.29 Add to Cart
An outstanding songwriter, musician, speaker and worship leader, Chris travels around the world giving talks, missions and concerts.
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2008 Unity Award
Modern/Alternative Rock Album of the Year, Impact
Modern/Alternative Rock Song of the Year, "Be My Everything"

2005 Unity AwardRock Song of the Year for "Wonder"
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