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The Best of Ray Repp Vol. I [CD]
The Best of Ray Repp Vol. I [CD]

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Ray Repp has been called "the person most responsible for introducing folk music and the guitar into Christian Churches." Since 1965, when he brought guitar into the liturgy with his Mass for Young Americans, Ray has composed and recorded 11 collections of songs, some of which have been translated into as many as 28 languages. Both his early and more recent compositions reflect his concern for peace and social justice issues.

Ray is originally from St. Louis, where most of his family still resides. He was educated in seminaries in St. Louis and in Ottawa, Canada, and has studied languages and music in Europe. He worked as liturgical music consultant at Cornell University and taught and directed the Head Start programs of Tompkins County, New York. He now resides in Vermont.

In addition to composing and recording, Ray spends considerable time speaking and giving workshops and concerts around the U.S. and abroad. He has presented at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, the Catechetical Congress of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, the East Coast Religious Education Conference and the National Catholic Student Coalition Conference.

Ray's particular interest is showing the relationship between honest, authentic worship and social justice. Ray believes it is impossible to have one without the other, unless we have a misunderstanding of one or the other. This interest is particularly evident in his more recent recordings.

The Best of Ray Repp Vol. I [CD]

Reflecting the folk styles and consciousness of the era in which they were composed, Ray's songs make an infectious appeal for brotherly love and charity.

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12187 The Best of Ray Repp Vol. I $17.00 Add to Cart
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12199 Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow $17.00 Add to Cart
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30107894 Entre Tus Manos $1.75 Add to Cart
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100603 And There Will Shine $1.29 Add to Cart
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100595 By Love (Colored like a Rainbow) $1.29 Add to Cart
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100607 Come, Holy Spirit $1.29 Add to Cart
30115006 Entre Tus Manos $1.29 Add to Cart
100390 Entre Tus Manos / Into Your Hands $1.29 Add to Cart
100594 I Am the Light $1.29 Add to Cart
100586 I Am The Resurrection $1.29 Add to Cart
100587 Into Your Hands $1.29 Add to Cart
100596 May We Grow $1.29 Add to Cart
100597 No Greater Love $1.29 Add to Cart
100589 Of My Hands $1.29 Add to Cart
100599 Sisters and Brothers $1.29 Add to Cart
100600 Till You $1.29 Add to Cart
100601 Tomorrow's Sunshine $1.29 Add to Cart
100602 We Are the Family $1.29 Add to Cart
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30112583 Entre Tus Manos $1.50 Add to Cart
Angel Award
Presented to Ray for a TV special titled "Build It Out of Love," produced by an ABC affiliate in Syracuse, N.Y.

ASCAP Award for Special Contributions to the Field of Music
Ray received this award six consecutive years

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