Additional Resources for the Roman Missal

From Mass setting compilations—featuring texts and musical settings for the Order of Mass—to chant resources and additional music related to the Roman Missal, choose from a variety of tools to help you enrich worship in your parish.

Diocese-Recommended Mass Settings

We are honored to share the following list of parishes, dioceses, archdioceses and worship communities around the world who have chosen OCP Mass settings to celebrate their faith. Learn more

Additional Music Related to the Roman Missal

Did you know that texts for the Exsultet and Litany of the Saints have changed? Enhance worship during Easter Vigil with the new and revised editions below—approved by the Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship and the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL).

Hymnal Support

Updated to conform to the Roman Missal, Third Edition, the following permanent resources offer the texts and music you need to serve your community with confidence.

OCP is still supporting permanent resources affected by the new translation. To update your current books, please see the Mass setting compilations above. If you need to order additional or replacement copies, please click on the links below or call us at 1-800-LITURGY (548-8749).
  • Spirit & Song, Volume 1
  • Spirit & Song, Volume 2
  • Spirit & Song 1 & 2 Song Texts and Prayers
  • Journeysongs, Second Edition
  • Glory & Praise, Second Edition
  • Choral Praise Comprehensive, Second Edition
  • Flor y Canto, Segunda Edición
  • One Faith, Una Voz

ICEL English-language Chant Mass

With the kind cooperation and full approval of ICEL, we are pleased to offer, without charge, official recordings and sheet music for the ICEL English-language Chant Mass.

  Mass Part Listen Download (PDF)
Introductory Rites
  Lord, Have Mercy
  Glory to God
Liturgy of the Eucharist
  Preface Dialogue
  We Proclaim Your Death
  When We Eat this Bread
  Save Us, Savior
  Doxology and Amen Pending Preview
  Lamb of God

  Mass Part Download (PDF)
  BUNDLED ICEL English-language Chant Accompaniments Preview
  ICEL Penitential Act Accompaniment Preview
  ICEL Kyrie Accompaniment Preview
  ICEL Gloria Accompaniment Preview
  ICEL Credo 3 Accompaniment Preview
  ICEL Sanctus Accompaniment Preview
  ICEL Memorial Acclamations Accompaniment Preview
  ICEL Lord's Prayer Accompaniment Preview
  ICEL Agnus Dei Accompaniment Preview
IMPORTANT NOTE: When reprinting these ICEL accompaniments, please take care that the copyright lines are always shown.

Latin Chant Resources

Share the beauty and reverence of Latin chant with your assembly with the music resources below.

Edition Title Price  
  Laus Tibi, Christe: Latin Music Supplement
12098 Assembly Edition $3.00 Add to Cart
12099 Keyboard/Guitar/Vocal Accompaniment $30.00 Add to Cart
  Jubilate Deo: Chant Mass
10770 Octavo $1.80 Add to Cart
30104015 Octavo - Downloadable $1.80 Add to Cart

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