Today Is the Day [CD]

Today Is the Day

Timothy R. Smith

Spanning both traditional and contemporary styles, this collection of worship-based songs and psalms contemplates the challenges and embraces the joys of our faith journey.

Beautiful melodies and texts from Scripture
Spanning a multitude of genres, Today Is the Day is the newest collection of songs from Timothy R. Smith. The 12 songs on this CD engage the mind and the heart with thoughtful melodies and texts taken from Scripture.

Traditional and contemporary styles
A balance of traditional form and contemporary style, Today Is the Day is a collection of worship-based songs and psalms that contemplates the challenges and also embraces the joys of our faith journey. An exceptionally versatile artist, Tim has created worship music that moves effortlessly from one style to the next.

Includes a favorite Smith song on conversion and prayer
Tim included "Give Me Ears to Listen" off of his popular CD, Persuaded, a song communicating ultimate conversion and prayer. It can also be found on OCP's excellent music resource for middle schoolers, Never Too Young: Spirit & Song for Young People.

Appealing to a wide range of listeners
Perfect for multigenerational worship or personal meditation, this is a collection of music that will delight and engage a variety of listeners. Today Is the Day is sure to be a favorite among faith communities young and old.

Today Is The Day
Your Kingdom Come
When I Am Weak
You Are The Vine
Give Me Ears To Listen
Lord, You Have The Words
You Are My Inheritance O Lord
The Lord Kin
Our Blessing Cup
In The Breaking Of The Bread
The Lord Will Bless His People
Glory and Praise Forever

Timothy R Smith's CD, Today is the Day, clearly illustates Timothy's passion to help parishes and organizations respond to the Church's Apostolic call to evangelization.

Tim has over 90 musical compositions published by OCP. His songs combine traditional and contemporary musical idioms that are easily accessible to both listeners and worshiping assemblies. Some of Tim's well-known liturgical compositions include: "Voice Of Christ," "Give Me Ears To Listen," "O Mother Of Jesus," and "In Every Age."

Today is the Day is a great liturgical CD, combining some very contemporary sounds with congregation-friendly melodies. It is an Easter CD, there are songs of mission, of conversion and of our baptismal call to make disciples. There are a number of responsorial psalms (which are my personal favorite inspirations for Catholic music). Songs like "Top of Your Voice" are not only liturgically appropriate but are very accessible musically.

I like the mix of music on this album. It's a fresh approach to liturgical music, and I feel like we need more music like this; so, music ministers, pay attention! There are numerous new Psalm recordings that I find fresh and upbeat. Just one example of this is the psalm "Lord You Have the Words, Psalm 16." This is a common psalm that is appropriate for many Sunday liturgies but one that I've always felt was lacking in the variety of settings available to ministers.

I don't want it to sound like music ministers are the only ones who should listen to this CD--I recommend it especially to music ministers because it is challenging to find the kind of contemporary Catholic music that is contained on this album. This album is solid album for listeners who are looking for liturgical music that conveys a strong Easter message.

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