April 25, 2024

Catholic Composer Gregory Norbet Retrospective: 1988-2018

Carver of Words header image

Gregory Norbet is a respected composer, musician and spiritual leader whose music has been inspiring Christians in prayer and reflection since the 1970s. A former Benedictine monk, Norbet lived, prayed and composed music for worship at Weston Priory in Vermont for 21 years.

Carver of Words, a new retrospective from OCP, features some of the most celebrated songs Norbet composed between 1988 and 2018, including “Into the Arms of God” and “Come to Help Me.” His wife, the distinguished painter and author Kathryn Carrington, served as co-producer and editor in addition to creating the cover art and contributing some of the prayers and hymn texts which are included in the retrospective.

Explore the Carver of Words interactive booklet below to learn more about this beloved composer and to find clickable links to your preferred streaming service for each song, to purchase MP3s and octavos, and more.

As you enter into the prayer and meditation which grounds the songs Norbet wrote during these 30 years, the composer has a prayer of his own for you:

“My hope is that you find a resonance in your life with this music. May it lead you to a deeper peace and an unwavering knowing of God’s loving embrace of your life.”