June 15, 2020

Drawn to You

Sarah Hart composed this song for the Presentation and Preparation of the Gifts as part of Love as Never Before, her upcoming collection of music for the Eucharistic liturgy. In “Drawn to You,” Sarah reflects on the liturgical action of bringing our gifts to the altar as a sign of God drawing us to himself. We unite our offering with the offering of Christ.

Drawn to you, Lord, we are drawn to you,
to the beauty of your presence in this place.
Here for you, God, we are here for you,
as the gifts we bring become a feast of grace.
We are drawn to you.

Drawn by the love that you have poured on us,
we bring these gifts, works of our hands.
You gather all we offer to yourself, receive our prayer.

Drawn by the faith that you accept our gifts,
and sanctify what we have shared.
To make us holy by this bread and wine,
receive our prayer.


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