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April 27, 2020

How to report song usage for livestreamed Masses

How to report song usage for livestreamed Masses

Many Masses are now a digital experience, with the congregation worshiping from home with a livestream or podcast. Song lyrics and melody lines of copyright music used during a digitally distributed Mass, whether live or pre-recorded, require not only a license, but song usage reporting as well. Song usage reporting can be easily done through your license provider.

Joining a livestreamed or downloaded podcast allows at-home parishioners to participate in Mass from home. Mass livestreams are hosted on parish websites or on YouTube channels, and shared with those at home for viewing. Check out OCP’s Resources for Home to find links to upcoming live Masses.

Sharing song lyrics or melody lines for copyrighted music used in livestreamed and podcasted Masses requires licensing. Licensing for OCP music is done through ONE LICENSE, which also provides files for song lyrics and assembly sheet music. Reporting the music used afterwards is done through the license provider. Visit your license provider’s website to learn more about reporting specifics.

OCP music can be searched and reported using ONE LICENSE’s Report Usage feature. Select a week to report music for, and being selecting the individual pieces of music. Search by title, hymn tune or composer to find music. You can also select a worship resource and song number to find a specific version of a title.

Once you have selected the music used for livestreaming and indicated the number of uses, you can submit that information to ONE LICENSE. Reporting weekly music usage allows license providers to accurately distribute royalties to composers. By consistently reporting the music used for streamed liturgies, these composers are able to continue their ministry and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Learn more about usage reporting by watching a more detailed reporting tutorial on ONE LICENSE.