April 12, 2021

New and exciting choral music for Ordinary Time

New and exciting choral music for Ordinary Time

Discover new music for your choir from the Choral Review Service. With 25 songs of varying difficulty, instrumentation and style, you’ll discover breathtaking choral works from respected liturgical composers. Below are just a few examples of the music within the packet, plus a detailed description and insight on how to use each piece.

Salmo 102: El Señor Es Compasivo/Psalm 103: The Lord Is Kind
Jaime Cortez

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium
Voicing: Cantor, SATB
Instrumentation: Keyboard, Guitar, Solo

This moving, bilingual adaptation of Psalm 103 (Salmo 102) alternates between Spanish and English text in each verse and in the refrain. Unison verses are balanced by full SATB choir parts on the refrain, which support the tuneful assembly melody. This piece is well-suited for liturgical use during funerals (including the vigil for the deceased), the Feast of All Souls, penance services, and during Lent when this psalm is not part of the Liturgy of the Word.

All That We Have Seen
Sarah Hart

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium
Voicing: Three-Part
Instrumentation: Piano, Guitar

This uplifting, contemporary sending forth song contains an inspiring message of evangelization within its memorable, anthemic refrain melody. Intended for assembly singing, the piece is supported by three-part choral harmony with piano and guitar accompaniment throughout its three verses, themselves ranging over topics of global family, ministry, mission, peace, praise and God’s love for us.

Sacred Silence/Paz Sagrada
Tom Booth and Iván Díaz

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium
Voicing: Two-Part
Instrumentation: Keyboard, Guitar

Tom Booth’s beloved “Sacred Silence” is now available as a bilingual two-part octavo with a carefully crafted Spanish translation by OCP artist, Iván Díaz. This octavo features keyboard accompaniment, an easy-to-use two-page guitar accompaniment (with vocal harmonies), and newly added composer notes by Tom Booth detailing the Spanish translation process and the inspiring message behind the lyrics. “Sacred Silence/Paz Sagrada” will serve as a lasting addition to your bilingual musical ministry.

Blessed Are You, God of All
Grayson Warren Brown

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium
Voicing: SATB
Instrumentation: Keyboard, Guitar

“Blessed Are You, God of All” from Grayson Warren Brown’s latest release, Praise the Lord in Many Voices, is now available for SATB choir with descant. The song references Daniel 3, praising the Lord and his creation, while exploring a trio of tonal centers. Working equally well with organ or keyboard (both are used in Grayson’s recording), the song also plays surprisingly well on guitar. Altos will love being given their chance to shine as they present the melody in the second verse.

Regina Caeli
Julianna Charnigo

Difficulty level: Medium
Voicing: SATB, Soprano Solo
Instrumentation: A capella

“Regina Caeli” is a piece about joy. The music illustrates the joy of the text, itself a meditation on the joy of the Virgin Mary at the Resurrection of her Son. And, giving her the title Queen of Heaven, this song speaks to Mary as she is today, in heaven; the message to Mary is as timeless now as it was at first, two thousand years ago. This piece, written for a cappella SATB choir and Soprano (or Tenor) solo, is perfectly suited to be sung throughout the Easter season.

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These songs can be found in the 2021 Summer Packet from the Choral Review Service. Offering music for traditional and contemporary choirs, children’s voices and intercultural ensembles, the Choral Review Service is the best way to find something new for your choir and community.

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