August 28, 2020

Reprinting Music Issue and Respond & Acclaim 2021

Dear Partners in Ministry,

I know many of you have seen what’s happening on social media and in the news surrounding the cover art of 2021 Music Issue and Respond & Acclaim. We have heard your concerns, and we admit our error. Earlier this week, we issued an apology on social media to our followers, which we followed up with our solution, detailed below.

When we chose the cover art, we were unaware of the association with the Mormon angel Moroni. Upon further reflection, we should have done more research, and we apologize for this embarrassing mistake. We would never knowingly use an image that is not authentically Catholic on our publications.

We have decided to reprint all 2021 Music Issue and Respond & Acclaim worship resources that had the controversial artwork on the cover, with new artwork.

If you have already received 2021 Music Issue or Respond & Acclaim with the original cover art, there’s no need to contact us; we will be sending you replacement books free of charge. If you have not received your order yet, rest assured that the worship resources you receive will have the new cover art.

We apologize for any offense this has caused, and ask for your forgiveness, prayers and Christian charity.

Wade Wisler,

OCP Facebook Apology
OCP Facebook Solution