July 27, 2020

The Body of Christ

Sarah Hart’s new song has a simple refrain that people can sing from memory as they process to the altar for Communion. The verses express the eucharistic theology of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, poured out continuously across time as our source of life and unity.

This is the Body of Christ,
beautiful, broken and blessed;
miracle of the greatest loves,
presence of God in our midst.
This is the Cup that he shares,
endlessly emptied and poured;
sacrifice made so that we might be saved
now and forevermore.

Amen, amen! We are healed by the Bread of Life.
Amen, amen! We are one in the Body of Christ.
We are one in the Body of Christ.

This is the Body of Christ,
gathered in hope and in faith;
bound by this love, this Body and Blood
he offers again and again.
All of the hunger we have,
satisfied only by this;
so we receive, we remember, believe
and share so that others may live.


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