January 2, 2018

We Come Alive by Cooper Ray and Sarah Hart

In this episode of the Commons, Ben Walther sits down with Cooper Ray and Sarah Hart to discuss We Come Alive, a song that they wrote together for Cooper’s new album, Anywhere For You.

Inspired by the prophet Ezekiel’s Vision of the Dry Bones, Cooper Ray and Sarah Hart composed an uplifting song that celebrates how the resurrection of Jesus brings us to new life. “You breathe in us and give us strength we never knew. You breathe in us and we awaken.”

“Our flesh was failing, you rolled the stone away. Our tongues were silent, you let the song be raised so we take up your cross and as we die, we come alive…alive.”


The Commons is a series of unplugged interviews with the top Catholic recording artists. These are candid interviews and intimate performances by the top contemporary Catholic musicians.