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10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) Jonas Myrin / Matt Redman
40 Days Matt Maher
A Light to the Nations Ben Walther
A Place at Your Table Ben Walther
A Rightful Place Steve Angrisano
Ablaze Ben Walther
Adoration ST. THOMAS (TANTUM ERGO) / Matt Maher
Agnus Dei (Roman Missal Chants) Chant
Alive in You Matt Maher
All Are Welcome Jesse Manibusan / Jennah Manibusan
All Creatures of Our God and King LASST UNS ERFREUEN / Rick Modlin
All for Love Sarah Hart / Dwight Liles
All You Who Are Thirsty Cortez, Jaime
Alleluia (Mass of a Joyful Heart) Steve Angrisano / Tom Tomaszek
Alleluia (Mass of Restoration) Josh Blakesley / Grae McCullough
Alleluia (Mass of the Desert) Tom Booth
Alleluia (Mass of St. Mary Magdalene) Sarah Hart
Alleluia (Mass of Renewal) Curtis Stephan
Alleluia Festivalé Janèt Sullivan Whitaker
Alleluia! Love Is Alive Steve Angrisano / Jesse Manibusan / Sarah Hart
Amazing Grace NEW BRITAIN/ Chris Tomlin / Louie Giglio
Amen (Mass of Restoration) Josh Blakesley / Grae McCullough
Amen (Mass of the Desert) Tom Booth
Amen (Mass of St. Mary Magdalene) Sarah Hart
Amen (Mass of Renewal) Curtis Stephan
Amen, Let It Be Done Curtis Stephan
Angels We Have Heard on High GLORIA / Dean Baskerville
As It Is in Heaven Matt Maher
Ashes to Ashes Dan Schutte
At the Name Josh Blakesley / Sarah Hart
At the Sound Robbie Seay / Ike Ndolo
Attende Domine/Have Mercy on Us, Lord ATTENDE DOMINE / Trevor Thomson
Ave Maria Litany Tom Booth / Jesse Manibusan
Awake, O Sleeper Ike Ndolo
Be Forgiven Tom Booth
Be Lifted High Josh Blakesley / Matt Maher
Be Not Afraid Bob Dufford, SJ
Be Still and Know That I Am God Tom Booth / Sarah Hart / Carl Herrgesell
Be with Me, Lord Sarah Hart / Curtis Stephan
Be with Us, Mary Jenny Pixler / Tom Booth
Beautiful One Tim Hughes
Behold the Cross Bob Hurd
Behold the Lamb of God Matt Maher
Beloved, Arise Sarah Hart
Benediction Curtis Stephan
Benedictus Steve Angrisano / Curtis Stephan
Bless the Lord Dan Brennan / Marc Cavallero / Kevin Roth / Ken Canedo
Blessed Are You, Lord Jackie François
Blessed Be Your Name Matt Redman / Beth Redman
Born This Day Ken Canedo
Bread for the World Bernadette Farrell
Bread of Angels Curtis Stephan
Bread of Heaven Jesse Manibusan / Sarah Hart
Bread of Life Bobby Fisher
Breathe Marie Barnett
By the Love of God Tom Booth/ Matt Maher
Can We Love? Tom Booth
Canticle of the Free Janèt Sullivan Whitaker
Carry Me Home Modlin, Rick / Alstott, Owen
Celtic Alleluia (Celtic Mass) Fintan O’Carroll / Christopher Walker
Child of the Poor Scott Soper
Chosen and Called Chris Muglia
Christ in Me Arise Trevor Thomson
Christ Is Lord Ben Walther
Christ Is Risen Matt Maher / Mia Fieldes
Christ Our Light Has Come Steve Angrisano/ Curtis Stephan
Christ the Good Shepherd Bob Hurd
Christ the Lord Sarah Hart / Robert Feduccia
Christ, Be Our Light Bernadette Farrell
Christians, to the Paschal Victim VICTIMAE PASCHALI LAUDES/ Ken Canedo
Come and Set Us Free Trevor Thomson
Come to His Manger Casey McKinley / Reynold Furrell
Come to Jesus Josh Blakesley / Sarah Hart
Come to Me Tom Booth / Carl Herrgesel
Come to the Lord Steve Angrisano / Tom Tomaszek
Come to the Water/I Will Run to You John Foley, SJ / Matt Maher
Come to Us Steve Angrisano
Come to Us Greg Walton
Come, Emmanuel Trevor Thomson
Come, Holy Spirit Tom Booth
Come, Let Us Ring Out Timothy R. Smith
Come, Lord Jesus Steve Angrisano / Tom Tomaszek
Compline Hymn Timothy R. Smith
Corpus Christi Sequence James Poppleton
Creator of the Stars CONDITOR ALME SIDERUM / Josh Blakesley
Cristo, Sáname/Jesus, Heal Me Estela García-López
Cry for Mercy Michael Avolicino
Cry Out with Joy/You Will Draw Water Josh Blakesley
Day of Peace Janèt Sullivan Whitaker
Daylight's Ending Steve Angrisano
Dismissal of the Catechumens Trevor Thomson
Divine Praises Josh Blakesley / Sarah Hart
Do This in Memory of Me Chris Muglia
Emmanuel Steve Angrisano
Eternity Sarah Hart / Carl Cartee
Every Day I Will Sing Cooper Ray
Exaudi Nos/Hear Us, O Lord Rufino Zaragoza, OFM
Exposition/O Saving Victim Stephan, Curtis / Angrisano, Steve
Face to Face Tori Harris / Brian Campbell
Fill Me, O God Sarah Hart / Kevin B. Hipp
Find Us Ready Tom Booth
Fish with Me Ken Canedo
Fly like a Bird Ken Canedo
For All Once Broken Steve Angrisano / James Quinn, SJ
For All the Saints SINE NOMINE / Trevor Thomson
For the Sake of Christ Ken Canedo
For Your Glory Matt Maher
Forever Chris Tomlin
Freedom in Your Cross Cooper Ray / Laura Ray / Tom Booth / Curtis Stephan / Steve Angrisano
From Glory to Glory (We Adore You) Jackie François / Audrey Assad
Gather at the Water Sarah Hart
Gather Us, Lord Scott Goudeau
Give Me Ears to Listen Timothy R. Smith
Give Us Your Peace Jesse Manibusan / Sarah Hart
Glory and Praise for Ever Timothy R. Smith
Glory in the Cross Dan Schutte
Glory to God (Mass of Restoration) Josh Blakesley / GraeMcCullough
Glory to God (Mass of the Desert) Tom Booth
Glory to God (Roman Missal Chants) Chant
Glory to God (Mass of St. Mary Magdalene) Sarah Hart
Glory to God (Mass of Renewal) Curtis Stephan
Go Forth Trevor Thomson
Go in Peace Sarah Hart / Dwight Liles
Go Into the World Tom Booth
Go Make a Difference Steve Angrisano/ Tom Tomaszek
Go Out, Go Out Curtis Stephan
Go, Tell It on the Mountain GO TELL IT / Spiritual
God of Wonders Steve Hindalong / Marc Byrd
God So Loved Ken Canedo
God the Great I AM Jesse Manibusan
God with Us Sarah Hart / Jayme Thompson
God, My Father Jackie François
God, Our Source and Life, Unite Us Trevor Thomson
Gracious God Jesse Manibusan
Grant Us Peace Ken Canedo
Grateful Tom Tomaszek
Greater Will Be the Future Chris Muglia
Hail Mary: Gentle Woman Carey Landry
Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise LLANFAIR/ Trevor Thomson
Hail, Holy Queen SALVE REGINA COELITUM/ Josh Blakesley
Hallelujah Is Our Song Sarah Kroger / Sarah Hart / Josh Blakesley / Trey Heffinger
Have Mercy on Me Sarah Hart
He Is Exalted Twila Paris
Healed in Christ Sarah Hart
Healing Waters Trevor Thomson
Heart of My God Sarah Hart / Kelly Minter
Here at This Table Janèt Sullivan Whitaker / Max Whitaker
Here I Am Tom Booth
Here I Am, Lord Dan Schutte
High Above Our Way Angrisano, Steve / Curtis Stephan
Hold On to Love Jesse Manibusan
Holy (Mass of Restoration) Josh Blakesley / Grae McCullough
Holy (Mass of the Desert) Tom Booth
Holy (Mass of St. Mary Magdalene) Sarah Hart
Holy (Mass of Renewal) Stephan, Curtis
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name GROSSER GOTT/ Rick Modlin
Holy Is His Name John Michael Talbot
Holy Is the Lord Chris Tomlin/ Louie Giglio
Holy Is the Name Sarah Hart / Jesse Manibusan / Steve Angrisano
Holy Spirit Ken Canedo
Holy Spirit, Come Now/Santo Espíritu, Ven Jesse Manibusan / Santiago Fernández
Holy Spirit, Come to Me Julie Hoy
Holy, Holy, Holy Timothy R. Smith
Holy, Holy, Holy Cry Rick Modlin / Genevieve Glen, OSB
Hosanna Michael Avolicino
Hosanna Brooke Fraser
Hosanna to the Son of David Tom Booth
Hymn to Christ the King Sarah Hart / Josh Blakesley / Sarah Kroger / Ike Ndolo
I Am Saved Ike Ndolo
I Am the Bread of Life Steve Angrisano / Tom Booth
I Give to You a Future Jesse Manibusan / Ken Canedo
I Give You a New Commandment Bob Hurd
I Know That My Redeemer Lives Scott Soper
I Know You Are Near Cooper Ray
I Rejoice Sarah Hart / Kevin B. Hipp
I Saw Water Flowing (Mass of Renewal) Curtis Stephan
I Sought the Lord Tom Booth
I Will Choose Christ Tom Booth
I Will Lift Up Your Name Steve Angrisano / Tom Tomaszek
I Will Praise Your Name/The Lord Is Near Tom Booth
I Will Rest in You Jansen, ValLimar / Frank Jansen
I’ve Got a River Steve Angrisano / Tom Booth / Cooper Ray / Curtis Stephan
Immaculate Mary LOURDES HYMN/ Josh Blakesley
In Christ Alone Keith Getty / Stuart Townend
In Every Age Janèt Sullivan Whitaker
In the Beginning Ken Canedo / Jesse Manibusan
In the Breaking of the Bread Timothy R. Smith
In the Silence Josh Blakesley / Sarah Hart / Sarah Kroger
In This Place Trevor Thomson
Into the Desert Curtis Stephan / Sarah Hart
Jesus Christ Is Lord Ken Canedo
Jesus Christ Is Risen Today EASTER HYMN / Ken Lewis / Scott Dente
Jesus Is Here Cooper Ray / Steve Angrisano
Jesus, I Trust in You Angus McDonell / Sarah Hart
Jesus, Meek and Humble Ben Walther / Sarah Hart
Jesus, My Everything Matt Maher
Joy to the World ANTIOCH / Dean Baskerville / Laurie Roberts / Tammy McMorrow
Just Like You Matt Maher
King of My Heart Greg Walton
Kyrie (Mass of St. Timothy) Matt Maher
Kyrie, Eleison (Roman Missal Chants) Chant
Kyrie, Eleison Sarah Hart
Kyrie, Eleison/Lord, Have Mercy (Mass of Renewal) Curtis Stephan
Lamb of God (Mass of Restoration) Josh Blakesley / Grae McCullough
Lamb of God (Mass of the Desert) Tom Booth
Lamb of God (Mass of St. Mary Magdalene) Sarah Hart
Lamb of God (Mass of Renewal) Curtis Stephan
Lead Me to the Desert Sarah Hart / Dwight Liles
Lead Us to the Cross Chris Muglia
Leading Us Home Steve Angrisano
Lenten Gospel Acclamation (Mass of Restoration) Josh Blakesley / Grae McCullough
Lenten Gospel Acclamation (Mass of the Desert) Tom Booth
Lenten Gospel Acclamation (Mass of St. Mary Magdalene) Sarah Hart
Lenten Gospel Acclamation (Mass of Renewal) Curtis Stephan
Let It Be Done Chris Muglia
Let My Prayer Rise Up Scot Crandal / The Grail (England)
Let Our Prayer Arise Steve Angrisano / Curtis Stephan
Let Your Love Come Down Josh Blakesley / Jeff Thomas
Like the Bread Tom Booth
Litany of Peace Barbara Bridge
Litany of the Saints John D. Becker
Lord, Have Mercy (Mass of the Desert) Tom Booth
Lord, Have Mercy (Mass of St. Mary Magdalene) Sarah Hart
Lord, I Love You ValLimar Jansen / Frank Jansen / Traditional
Lord, I Need You Matt Maher/ Daniel Carson / Christy Nockels / Jesse Reeves / Kristian Stanfill
Love Has Captured the Night Josh Blakesley / Grae McCullough
Love Has Come Matt Maher
Love Never Fails Ken Canedo / Jesse Manibusan
Magnificat Angrisano, Steve / Curtis Stephan
Make Your Home in Me Ben Walther
Malo! Malo! Thanks Be to God (Misa del Mundo) Jesse Manibusan
Many and One Steve Angrisano / Sarah Hart / Dwight Liles
May You Be Known Sarah Hart / Robert Feduccia
May You Walk Sarah Hart
May Your Kingdom Come Steve Angrisano / Sarah Hart / Curtis Stephan
Mercy Timothy R. Smith
Mercy on Me Sarah Hart
Mighty King Steve Angrisano
Mighty to Save Reuben Morgan / Ben Fielding
Miracle of Grace Curtis Stephan
More Beautiful Steve Angrisano / Curtis Stephan
More Beautiful Sarah Hart / Jeremy Bose / Marc Byrd
More of You Trevor Thomson
My Soul Is Thirsting/As Morning Breaks Steve Angrisano
My Soul Rejoices Jackie François
My Soul Rejoices Sarah Hart
New Creation Jackie François
O Come to the Altar Christopher Brown / Steven Furtick, / Wade Joye / Mack Brock
O Come, All Ye Faithful ADESTE FIDELES/ Tom Booth
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel VENI, VENI, EMMANUEL / Tom Booth
O God, You Search Me Bernadette Farrell
O Love of God/Amor de Dios Bob Hurd
O Sacred Head Bob Hurd
O Sacred Head, Surrounded PASSION CHORALE / Tom Booth / Dean Baskerville / Jeremy Burchett
O Salutaris Hostia/O Saving Lamb DUGUET/ Tom Booth
O Word of Christ Sarah Hart / Dwight Liles
Oceans Matt Crocker / Joel Houston / Salomon Ligthelm
Of the Father’s Love Begotten DIVINUM MYSTERIUM/ Curtis Stephan
On Eagle’s Wings Michael Joncas
One Bread, One Body John Foley, SJ
One Bread, One Cup Bobby Fisher / Greg Lee / Craig Aven / Ken Canedo
One Heart Curtis Stephan
One Sacrifice of Christ Rick Modlin / Robert Feduccia
One Thing Remains Brian Johnson / Christa Black Gifford / Jeremy Riddle
Open My Eyes/Abre Mis Ojos Jesse Manibusan
Our God Is Good Josh Blakesley /Cooper Ray
Our God Is Here Chris Muglia
Our Hope and Our Salvation Curtis Stephan / Steve Angrisano
Overflow Matt Maher
Pange, Lingua/Sing, My Tongue PANGE LINGUA GLORIOSI/ Trevor Thomson
Para Amar como Tú Santiago Fernández / Jesse Manibusan
Pastures of the Lord Curtis Stephan
Penitential Act with Invocations (Mass of Restoration) Josh Blakesley / Grae McCullough
Pentecost Sequence Tom Kendzia
Pentecost Sequence Jesse Manibusan / Remi Fonseca Bauer
Pescador de Hombres/Lord, You Have Come Cesáreo Gabaráin
Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow/All Hail, Adored Trinity OLD HUNDREDTH/ Dean Baskerville
Prayer of St. Francis/Oración de San Francisco Sebastian Temple
Purify My Heart Brian Doerksen
Radiant Light Divine Rufino Zaragoza, OFM
Rain Down Jaime Cortez
Ready and Willing Tom Booth / Soane Uiagalelei / Margaret Uiagalelei
Ready the Way Curtis Stephan
Rejoice with All the Saints Timothy R. Smith
Remain in Me, I Am the Vine Curtis Stephan / Steve Angrisano
Remembrance Matt Maher / Matt Redman
Renew Sarah Hart / Marc Byrd
Rest in God Alone Curtis Stephan
Restless Audrey Assad / Matt Maher
Restored Josh Blakesley / Sarah Hart / Marc Byrd
Resurrection Day Matt Maher
Revive Us, O God Jesse Manibusan
Run to the Cross Josh Blakesley / Sarah Hart / Sarah Kroger / Mia Fieldes
Sacred Silence Tom Booth / Jenny Pixler
Saints of God Bob Hurd
Salve, Regina Mode V Chant / Trevor Thomson
Sanctus (Roman Missal Chants) Chant
Save Us, Savior (Mass of Restoration) Josh Blakesley / Grae McCullough
Save Us, Savior (Mass of the Desert) Tom Booth
Save Us, Savior (Roman Missal Chants) Chant
Save Us, Savior (Mass of St. Mary Magdalene) Sarah Hart
Save Us, Savior (Mass of Renewal) Curtis Stephan
Send Your Glory Down Trevor Thomson
Set Me as a Seal Matt Maher
Shepherd Me, O God Marty Haugen
Shout to the Lord Darlene Zschech
Signing of the Senses Trevor Thomson
Silent Night STILLE NACHT/ Tom Booth
Sing Hosanna Josh Blakesley
Sing of Mary Jesse Manibusan / PLEADING SAVIOR
Solitude Song (Follow Me) Tom Booth
Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo/We Are the Body of Christ Jaime Cortez
Song of Simeon Janèt Sullivan Whitaker
Sound of Hope Ike Ndolo
Stand by Me Tom Kendzia
Sweet Redeemer Steve Angrisano / Sarah Hart
Table of Plenty Dan Schutte
Take Me Ben Walther
Take These Ashes/To the Desert Follow Me Sarah Hart
Take Up Our Cross Curtis Stephan / Sarah Hart / Marc Byrd
Taste and See Steve Angrisano
Taste and See Curtis Stephan
Tear Through the Veil Tom Booth / The Living Flame of Love
Tend the Ground Curtis Stephan
The Breastplate of St. Patrick Sarah Hart / Bob Halligan Jr
The Cry of the Poor John Foley, SJ
The Eyes and Hands of Christ Tom Kendzia
The Feast Meant for Everyone Tom Booth / Sarah Hart
The Jesus Song Tom Booth / Jesus Prayer / Chaplet of Divine Mercy
The King Has Come Casey McKinley
The King of Love My Shepherd Is Sarah Kroger / Sarah Hart
The King Shall Come Trevor Thomson
The Light of Christmas Morn Sarah Hart / Norval Clyne
The Lord Is My Shepherd Josh Blakesley
The Lord Is My Shepherd Scot Crandal
The Risen Christ Sarah Hart / Meredith Andrews / Jacob Sooter
The Summons KELVINGROVE/ Bobby Fisher
The Wonders of Your Love Tom Booth / Ben Walther
There Is a Longing Anne Quigley
These Alone Are Enough Dan Schutte
Three Days Casey McKinley / Ridge, M.D.
To Live with Him Forever Sarah Hart / Robert Feduccia
To the Ends of the Earth Sarah Hart / Kelly Minter
Transfigure Us, O Lord Bob Hurd
Two Were Bound for Emmaus KENMARE/ Bob Hurd
Ubi Caritas Bob Hurd
Ubi Caritas/We Will Find God UBI CARITAS / Trevor Thomson
Unidos Santiago Fernández / Jesse Manibusan
Unwavering Matt Maher
Vine and Branches Trevor Thomson
Voice of Christ Timothy R. Smith
Walk Together, Children ValLimar Jansen / Frank Jansen
We Adore Sarah Hart / Scott Krippayne
We Are the Light Jesse Manibusan
We Belong to You Trevor Thomson
We Come Alive Cooper Ray / Sarah Hart
We Come to You Josh Blakesley
We Ever Will Praise You Mr. Angus McDonell
We Gather as One Cooper Ray / Josh Blakesley
We Live to Love Curtis Stephan / Sarah Hart
We Proclaim Your Death (Mass of Restoration) Josh Blakesley / Grae McCullough
We Proclaim Your Death (Mass of the Desert) Tom Booth
We Proclaim Your Death (Roman Missal Chants) Chant
We Proclaim Your Death (Mass of St. Mary Magdalene) Sarah Hart
We Proclaim Your Death (Mass of Renewal) Curtis Stephan
We Remember, We Believe Steve Angrisano / Sarah Hart
We Three Kings KINGS OF ORIENT/ Tom Booth
We Will Follow Dan Brennan /Ken Canedo / Jesse Manibusan
Were You There WERE YOU THERE/ Tom Booth
What Child Is This GREENSLEEVES / Tom Booth
What Wondrous Love Is This WONDROUS LOVE/ Josh Blakesley
When We Eat This Bread (Mass of Restoration) Josh Blakesley / Grae McCullough
When We Eat This Bread (Mass of the Desert) Tom Booth
When We Eat This Bread (Roman Missal Chants) Chant
When We Eat This Bread (Mass of St. Mary Magdalene) Sarah Hart
When We Eat This Bread (Mass of Renewal) Stephan, Curtis
Where Shall We Go? Ken Canedo / Jesse Manibusan
With All Our Hearts Jesse Manibusan
With All Your Strength Chris Muglia / Jeff Thomas
With One Voice Ricky Manalo, CSP
Worthy Steven Furtick / Christopher Brown / Mack Brock
Worthy Is the Lamb Ricky Manalo, CSP
Ye Sons and Daughters O FILII ET FILIAE/ Josh Blakesley
You Alone Sarah Hart / Dwight Liles
You Are All that I Need Tom Booth
You Are Mine Tom Booth / Ben Walther
You Are the Light Josh Blakesley / Ed Cash
You Are the Light Sarah Hart
You Are Welcome Here Chris Muglia
You Call Me Cooper Ray / Ben Walther
You Know Who I Am Matt Maher / Tom Booth
You Stand Knocking Tom Booth
You Welcomed Me Tom Booth
You Will Be Our God Casey McKinley
Your Grace Is Enough Maher, Matt
Your Kingdom Is Glorious Jackie François
Your Light Will Come, Jerusalem Bob Hurd
Your Love Is Better Jackie François
Your Only Son Twila Paris

Listen to the "Holy" from each of the Mass settings found in Choose Christ Missal

Mass of Renewal

Mass of Restoration

Mass of the Desert

Mass of the Roman Missal

Mass of St. Mary Magdalene (Coming soon!)


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Owen Alstott
Meredith Andrews
Steve Angrisano
Audrey Assad
Craig Aven
Michael Avolicino
Marie Barnett
Dean Baskerville
Remi Fonseca Bauer
John Becker
Christa Black
Josh Blakesley
Tom Booth
Jeremy Bose
Dan Brennan
Barbara Bridge
Mack Brock
Christopher Brown
Jeramy Burchett
Marc Byrd
Brian Campbell
Ken Canedo
Daniel Carson
Carl Cartee
T. Timothy Casey
Ed Cash
Marc Cavallero
Jaime Cortez
Scot Crandal
Matt Crocker
Scott Dente
Brian Doerksen
Bob Dufford, SJ
Bernadette Farrell
Robert Feduccia
Santiago Fernández
Mia Fieldes
Ben Fielding
Bobby Fisher
John Foley, SJ
Jackie François
Brooke Fraser
Steven Furtick
Cesáreo Gabaráin
Estela García-López
Keith Getty
Louie Giglio
Scott Goudeau
Harry Hagan, OSB
Bob Halligan Jr
Tori Harris
Sarah Hart
Marty Haugen
Trey Heffinger
Carl Herrgesell
Steve Hindalong
Kevin Hipp
Joel Houston
Julie Hoy
Tim Hughes
Bob Hurd
Frank Jansen
ValLimar Jansen
Brian Johnson
Michael Joncas
Wade Joye
Tom Kendzia
Scott Krippayne
Sarah Kroger
Anthony Kuner
Carey Landry
Greg Lee
Ken Lewis
Salomon Lighthelm
Dwight Liles
Matt Maher
Ricky Manalo, CSP
Jennah Manibusan
Jesse Manibusan
Grae McCullough
Angus McDonell
Casey McKinley
Tammy McMorrow
Kelly Minter
Rick Modlin
Reuben Morgan
Chris Muglia
Ike Ndolo
Christy Nockels
Fintan O’Carroll
Twila Paris
Jenny Pixler
Anne Quigley
James Quinn, SJ
Cooper Ray
Laura Ray
Beth Redman
Matt Redman
Jesse Reeves
Jeremy Riddle
M.D. Ridge
Laurie Robert
Kevin M Roth
Timothy R. Smith
Jacob Sooter
Scott Soper
Kristian Stanfill
Curtis Stephan
John Michael Talbot
Sebastian Temple
Jeff Thomas
Jayme Thompson
Trevor Thomson
Victoria Thomson
Tom Tomaszek
Chris Tomlin
Stuart Townend
Margaret Uiagalelei
Soane Uiagalelei
Christopher Walker
Ben Walther
Greg Walton
Mary Walton
Janèt Sullivan Whitaker
Max Whitaker
Rufino Zaragoza, OFM
Darlene Zschech

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