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Choose Christ Missal



Choose Christ Missal

The contemporary missal, maintaining tradition, from a publisher you trust.

Spirit & Psalm

A complete resource with contemporary songs of faith, the new Choose Christ Missal will encourage full, conscious and active participation in your community — featuring music from Steve Angrisano, Josh Blakesley, Jackie François, Matt Maher and many more.

Updated annually, this resource features:

  • Over 300 songs
  • Psalms and Gospel Acclamations from Spirit & Psalm
  • Readings for Sundays and holy days
  • 5 Mass settings including Sarah Hart’s NEW Mass of St. Mary Magdalene

Listen to the "Holy" from each of the Mass settings found in Choose Christ Missal

Mass of Renewal

Mass of Restoration

Mass of the Desert

Mass of the Roman Missal

Mass of St. Mary Magdalene (Coming soon!)


Check back in for more to come!