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Flor y Canto, Cuarta Edición

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Flor y Canto, Cuarta Edición

Unite your diverse Hispanic community in song

It is with great joy that we announce the new Flor y Canto, Cuarta Edición, expected to be released this fall. The newest edition of the best-selling Spanish-language Catholic hymnal in the country is expanded and revised, reflecting the dynamic cultural diversity of the ever-growing, Spanish-speaking Catholic community in the U.S.


How does Flor y Canto, Cuarta Edición compare with the previous edition?

The new Flor y Canto has the same variety of hymns, songs, psalms and canticles you loved in the Tercera Edición, along with new and expanded features including:

  • More comprehensive Mass settings with additional parts
  • More comprehensive laudes and vespers with additional parts
  • 14 new featured composers including:
    • Tony E. Alonso (GIA)
    • Anna Betancourt
    • Albert Coppo
    • Silvio Cuéllar
    • Hna. María Inés de Jesús
    • Julio De León
    • Iván Díaz
    • Jon Carlo García
    • Azeneth González
    • Angelyn Jáuregui
    • Rafael Moreno (WLP/GIA)
    • Mario Alberto Perez
    • Koren and Jessica Ruiz
    • Athenas Vénica and Tobías Buteler
  • Regional/cultural representation from:
    • U.S. (All regions)
    • Mexico
    • Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Antillas)
    • Central America (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama)
    • South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela)
    • Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Italy)
  • More than 50 musical styles
  • More hymns and traditional songs
  • 35 chants (mostly from the new Roman Missal Chant Mass and Misa Gregoriana)
  • More Latin – now featured in 21 songs
  • Almost 50% more bilingual English/Spanish songs
  • More than twice the number of GIA/WLP titles

Inspire hearts and voices

Flor y Canto, Cuarta Edición supplies more than 750 songs with a wide representation of Spanish-speaking countries, as well as an increased bilingual repertoire, reflecting the diversity of languages and the richness of regional cultures represented in the U.S. Catholic Church.


More comprehensive Mass settings

The new edition of Flor y Canto expands its offerings to include more parts of its popular and beloved Mass settings.


Worship with confidence

Continuing the celebrated tradition of previous editions, Flor y Canto, Cuarta Edición follows the USCCB liturgical guidelines and the Misal Romano, and includes liturgical and devotional songs, chants and contemporary music all in one place, to satisfy the multicultural needs of parishes and communities in the U.S.