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Rory Cooney is an accomplished composer, skilled liturgist and parish music director. His music expresses a deep reverence for the text as well as a lively concern for the practical needs of the parish.

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Rory Cooney has a bachelor's degree in liberal studies from St. Mary's of the Barrens Seminary in Perryville, Missouri, and a two-year certificate from Corpus Christi Center for Advanced Liturgical Study. Rory worked with the North American Forum on the Catechumenate for more than 25 years on institutes that taught initiation and reconciliation ministry. After 11 years serving as director of liturgy and music at St. Jerome Catholic Community in Phoenix, he has been the parish music director at St. Anne Catholic Community in Barrington, Illinois, since 1994. He was the recipient of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians 2014 “Pastoral Musician of the Year” award.

Rory has published several recordings and his compositions have appeared in Glory & Praise, Breaking Bread and Music Issue. His two-volume collection Cries of the Spirit brings to life frequently used psalm with memorable and rhythmic melodies. Rory’s settings capture the human cry to God embodied in each psalm.

Rory lives in Illinois with his wife, Theresa. They have a son, Desmond James.


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