M.D. Ridge

M.D. Ridge (†2017)—composer, pastoral musician and writer extraordinaire—bestowed on the Church a great many lovely songs, probably most notably "Parable," "In the Day of the Lord" and the text of "Three Days."


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M.D. Ridge's (†2017) foray into the world of liturgical music composition began when she was unable to find music that fit her choirs' resources. For more 45 years, M.D. continued to write strong, singable and scripturally based compositions that help choirs make the most of limited resources.

Her collections include In Every Age with strong, singable melodies, adaptable to individual parish needs; By Cross and Water Signed, boasting invigorating rhythms and strong poetic text and A Light in Darkness, music of solace and comfort for funeral liturgies.

M.D. was also a prolific author, with articles appearing in Today's Liturgy, The Hymnology Annual, Liturgia y Canción and Pastoral Music. Along with Michael R. Prendergast, she co-edited Voices from the Council. M.D. also served as co-editor with Gerard Chiusano on Liturgical Ensemble Basics. A long-time veteran of parish music ministry, she retired in November 2007, but continued to write music, books and articles and present workshops, retreats and talks up until her death in June of 2017.


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