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Roger  Hernández
Cuban †Roger Hernández is the composer of Spanish well-known songs such as "Lavaré Mis Ojos" and "Yo Te lo Ofrezco.” His devotion and legacy will live on in beloved songs and hymns.


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†Roger Hernández, originally from Camaguey, Cuba, is the composer of well-known Spanish-language songs such as "Lavaré Mis Ojos" and "Yo Te lo Ofrezco.” He first studied music at age 11, and discovered his musical talents while singing in a Cuban choir. Roger entered the seminary during the 1960s at San Basilio Magno in Santiago, Cuba, and then at El Buen Pastor in Habana.

He studied with well-known homiletics professor Padre Rene Abreu, who besides giving him instruction in preaching, taught Roger music and voice. Recognized for his communication, preaching and declamation skills, he flourished as a homilist.

Roger continued his music education at Miami Bay Community College in Florida. He worked at St. Dominic Church where he played guitar and composed music for liturgy, influenced with Cuban rhythms using Caribbean percussion instruments such as tumbadoras, maracas, claves and güiro.

Roger left the seminary and married and formed a family. He directed the Hispanic choir at Prince of Peace Church and sang in the archdiocesan choir of Miami. He passed away in 2017.