Robert Farrell

Robert has been composing sacred choral music since he was in high school. Some of his recognizable compositions include “Peace, I Leave with You” and “Savior of the Nations, Come.”


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Robert was originally accepted as an organist/composition major at Carneige Mellon University, but instead graduated with degrees in Piano Performance and Music Education. For the past thirty years, he has taught high school choir and general music, while serving as a composer in various churches.

Choral music touches his soul and purifies his heart. When his music is performed, he feels as though he is doing what he was meant to do: helping to elevate the level of spirituality in the congregation. As he writes music for worship, he hopes to do the text justice and that it will bless the listeners with a heightened feeling of goodness — as he puts it, “Godness.”

His composition “Peace, I Leave with You,” written for a passing colleague, was showcased at the NPM Convention 2016. His arrangement of “Savior of the Nations, Come” was his first piece published with OCP.

Robert lives in Pittsburgh, PA, where he is composer-in-residence at St. Paul Cathedral.