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September 25, 2015

Webinar: Breaking Bread Digital Music Library

Breaking Bread Digital Music Library

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The Church is called to respond to the signs of the times in a world that is ever changing. Preparing liturgical music that responds to diverse ages, musical styles and cultures and meets the needs of busy, active musicians can be a challenge! Imagine having one-click access to a complete liturgical music library that allowed more time for music preparation and practice.

This 60-minute webinar will cover:

  • Learning new music efficiently and conveniently
  • Increasing access to music resources and repertoire
  • Engaging multigenerational choirs and assemblies
  • Demonstration of Breaking Bread Digital Music Library
Tom Tomaszek

Presented by:
Tom Tomaszek


Tom and his wife, Kimi, minister together at The Five Loaves, creating “Between Sundays” (free, weekly videos on the upcoming Gospel) and leading parish missions and retreats around the country. Tom serves as Director of Liturgical Music for Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Oregon, and formerly served as Director of Artist Relations and Product Development at OCP.

Julie Taylor

Presented by:
Julie Taylor


Having worked at OCP for more than five years, Julie has experience in customer service, sales and, most recently, has moved into online product management for ICR Music and Breaking Bread Digital Music Library subscription.