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April 8, 2020

Emergency assistance fund for church musicians, in response to COVID-19

Emergency assistance fund for church musicians, in response to COVID-19

In response to the closure of parishes across the country, OCP is sponsoring As Music Heals. As Music Heals is an emergency fund created and operated by the Liturgical Composers Forum, with 100% of proceeds going directly to support church musicians affected by COVID-19. The fund is co-sponsored by GIA/WLP and ONE LICENSE.

As the world rallies to combat COVID-19, “stay at home” orders are causing churches and public faith centers to experience record-low attendance, which directly impacts collections and donations of all kinds. Many parishes rely on these monetary contributions to keep the lights on, pay for parish staff, offer faith and formational events to the community and more. Music ministers — choirs, cantors and musicians dedicated to spreading God’s love through music — are affected just the same. Through wide-spread layoffs, furloughs, canceled faith workshops and concerts, these musicians are finding their incomes drastically reduced, even completely eliminated. The As Music Heals fund was created to help assist these individuals specifically.

OCP Publisher Wade Wisler states,

“OCP is proud to team up with our fellow Catholic publishers to sponsor this beautiful campaign, and all of us are grateful to the Liturgical Composers Forum for putting together the As Music Heals fund. Our partners in music ministry are hurting right now, just like many others throughout the world, and it’s a very special honor to be able to help in any way we can. From all of us at OCP, we pray that the donations made to the As Music Heals fund will go a long way toward helping the artists, composers and musicians who help us all to worship God through song.”

When we were able to attend Mass physically, the music and songs of our parish musicians and ministers helped heighten our liturgical experience, growing closer to God. Now, those same people need our help to continue spreading and supporting their music ministry in God’s name.

All donations are tax deductible and can be made online or by mail. You can donate to the fund as a whole or to a specific individual.

Thank you for your support. All offerings are greatly appreciated by your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Donate online:

Donate by mail:
c/o Paul Hasser
7519 Landsowne Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63119