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March 9, 2020

High Above Our Way

In a fascinating conversation, Steve Angrisano and Curtis Stephan reveal how they co-wrote their inspiring ballad, “High Above Our Way.” Prayer is the key to collaboration, as well as a conviction that “we” are not the way. Christ is the way!

There’s a love that is greater than my own;
there’s a spirit that brings me back to life.
There’s a seed that’s been planted in my soul
that can only grow in the light of Christ.

There’s a mercy that’s wider than my own;
there’s a hope every sinner can be saved.
There’s a power that rolls away the stone
that is only found in the light of Christ.

High above our way is the mind of God,
love much greater than my own.
Into your hands I commend my life;
true love is found in Christ alone.


Steve Angrisano and Curtis Stephan offer helpful tips on how to play "High Above Our Way."


High Above Our Way

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