November 3, 2016

Randall DeBruyn shares the inspiration behind ‘Upon the Cross’

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The genesis of this composition is a little different than that of most hymns. In 2006 I wrote this melody as a “hymn without words” to conclude the final movement of my 2nd Piano Quintet. The tune is meant to express a peaceful, confident joy, and provides an emotional “resolution” to the tension and drama of the preceding movement: thus the name, “RESOLUTION.”

But it has always felt to me that, if a good text could be found or written to this melody, it might be useful for worship. Thus, when I asked Sister Genevieve Glen if she would consider providing one, I was suggesting an arrangement between composer and author which actually reverses the usual procedure. Happily, Sister Genevieve was inspired to “set” this music with a text of very great beauty and power. Expressing the music perfectly, it now fulfills a greater purpose for worship, for which I believe it was ultimately destined.

As a reflection on the power of the Cross, this hymn is especially appropriate for feasts celebrating the Cross, and for Holy Week. There are two settings provided, one with a full choral arrangement, including piano and C-instrument, the other a simpler setting for organ and unison melody. It can be sung for entrance, recessional, or as a reflection on the Cross during the Preparation of the Gifts.

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This song can also be found in the collection, In Perfect Charity.


Randall DeBruyn
Randall DeBruyn


After a lifetime of composing film scores, Mass settings, psalms and choral arrangements, Randall DeBruyn continues to build his legacy of beloved music for the Church.

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