January 13, 2017

‘Leading Us Home:’ Steve Angrisano

“Lord we belong to you alone, knowing your voice, we are your own, when we wander far, as close as our breath you are.”

Two years ago, Steve Angrisano was in the Holy Land for 56 hours. Before he left, he had the chance to kneel and pray inside the tomb of Jesus. It was impossible for him to walk away unchanged. “To touch the depths of His love with my own hands...Beyond words. Beyond emotion. I wrote this song as an attempt to express what it meant for me to be there,” he said.

Leading Us Home - Reflection

Leading Us Home - Song

Steve Angrisano

Steve Angrisano


Steve Angrisano is one of the most effective and versatile ministry leaders in the Church today. People of all ages embrace the passionate message of faith woven throughout his music and storytelling.

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