January 13, 2017

Song suggestions for Lent and Holy Week

purple flowers


Lent provides a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth. The Church has long advocated prayer and fasting to strengthen our call to penitence and personal growth. Musicians and non-musicians alike also tend to find spiritual deepening through music. Some of the world’s most beautiful and spiritually deep music is for the Lenten season, and many of the texts of this time call us to look inside ourselves to enrich our relationship with God.

The Easter season is equally rewarding in a very different, yet parallel, way. To the Lenten experience of growth and enrichment, Easter offers celebration and joy. Easter, in both liturgy and music, is an answer to the season that precedes it.

Below are song suggestions suitable for Lent and Holy Week. When brought to life musically, they can help bring growth and enrichment, celebration and joy to your liturgies throughout these seasons.


Holy Week

— Songs hand-selected by Angela Westhoff-Johnson, OCP Manager of Music Editorial, and Rick Modlin, OCP Manager of Music Development.