November 30, 2020

Remembrance of You

Sarah Hart and Sarah Kroger, sisters in faith, composed this lovely reflection on the gift of the Eucharist. The appealing and lilting melody invites the community to walk with Jesus from the Last Supper, through the trial of Calvary, and onward to Easter joy.

We remember the night you broke the bread,
the mercy of the words you said,
and the life you would lose to make us new.
We break the bread in remembrance of you.

We remember the night you took the cup,
the pouring out of deathless love.
in the sins you would bear, our hope renewed,
we take this cup in remembrance of you.

This is your body we come to receive.
This is the promise we’re come to believe.
We are one body in spirit and truth.
We give our lives in remembrance of you.

We remember the night of agony
that led the King to Calvary.
Oh, the pain you endured, your love to prove.
we take this gift in remembrance of you.

We remember the day love moved the stone
to make to power of heaven known
and to welcome us all to life in you.


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