December 1, 2016

Akwaaba! Songs of Peace and Solidarity

In partnership with Catholic Relief Services, seven Spirit & Song/OCP composers went on a goodwill tour of Ghana, praying and singing with people in their communities and listening to their stories of struggle and triumph. This life-changing experience inspired Akwaaba! Songs of Peace and Solidarity, a collection of social justice-themed music. Composers Ken Canedo, Robert Feduccia, Sarah Kroger, ValLimar Jansen, Pedro Rubalcava, Ben Walther and Greg Walton will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the CD and MP3 album to support the work of CRS in empowering people in developing nations and in nurturing peace.

“Their singing, lyrics, melodies, rhythm, and instrumentation are filled with heart, soul, spirit and love. I cannot think of a better way to proclaim God’s presence when we embrace those He sends to us for our care and friendship. This project represents a shared commitment to a mission of serving Catholics in the United States. Music, worship and liturgy touch the minds and hearts of all of us and often kindle a deeper exploration of faith and discipleship. Through the songs of Akwaaba: Songs of Peace and Solidarity, we lift up in praise the Gospel values of peace and justice, values that are universal among all God’s people. Thank you for joining CRS to rebuild livelihoods, restore hope and make God’s love visible.”
    — Dr. Carolyn Woo, President and CEO of Catholic Relief Services.


Catholic Relief Services carries out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas.

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Experience Ghana from the perspectives of three OCP artists:

Ben Walther: 'There is no us and them'
Greg Walton: Greg, use your arms!
Robert Feduccia: Chipped paint and God's promises