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June 7, 2016

Song search for the V Encuentro

V Encuentro, guitar with headphones

After a lengthy process and an impressive number of submissions by composers from various nationalities throughout the US, it is our great pleasure to announce the chosen titles to accompany the V Encuentro process convoked by the U.S. Bishops.

The selected songs had a clear, concise, inclusive and relevant message that will complement the entire V Encuentro process. It is our hope that these songs help you in this process of pastoral-theological reflection, promote dialogue in your community and support the leadership development of Hispanic Catholics in the United States.

Discípulos Misioneros: Testigos del Amor de Dios/Missionary Disciples: Witnesses of God’s Love will be available as a CD and MP3 album this fall. Downloadable guitar lead sheets will also be available for all songs.


What is Encuentro?

The V Encuentro Nacional Hispano/Latino de Pastoral is a three-year process of pastoral-theological reflection convoked by the U.S. bishops marked by diocesan, regional and national events. The process includes leadership development and formation and identifies the needs of Hispanic Catholics in the United States and how to address them by providing pastoral guidelines and recommendations.


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